Friday, June 20, 2014

Fish Friday

I finally succeeded in getting this meal from the menu onto the table.  It only took me 3 weeks.  I was starting to think this meal was just going to get cut and pasted each week when I did the Weekly Menu for the life of my blog LOL.

It is not that I didn't want to make and share it with you.  It is an easy peasy and delicious dish but life always seems to get in the way!!

But not today.  Today I was actually able to grill my fish and serve it along with my Rice Mingle Salad.  This is the easiest Friday Fish recipe ever and it only takes moments to make.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Cut your Cod Fillet into even pieces.
Place on foil, brush with butter and top with Lemon Pepper Salt and Onion.

Fold the aluminum foil into packets.
Place onto a hot grill and cook approx. 9 minutes, flip over and cook another 3 minutes.

The fish will be tender and flaky.
I can only blame the quality of this picture on the fact that I had a glass of wine while it was cooking LOL.

Grilled Cod

2 lbs. Cod Fillet, cut into 6 even pieces
6 t. butter
Lemon Pepper Seasoning Salt to taste
6 thin slices of sweet onion

Place each piece of cod onto a doubled piece of aluminum foil.  Smear each with 1 t. of butter softened to room temperature.  Sprinkle with Lemon Pepper Seasoning Salt and top with a thin slice of sweet onion. Wrap the aluminum foil into a package and place onto a hot grill and close cover.  After about 9 minutes, flip each package over and cook for an additional 3 minutes.  Open the largest package and check that the Cod is cooked through and flakes with a fork.  Remove from grill and serve.  Print Recipe

I am going to share this easy grilling recipe on Inspiration Monday.  Stop by and see what Inspires you. It is also a budget friendly meal if you buy the cod when it is on sale and have it in your freezer so I will also be sharing with Thrifty Thursday where you can find tons of money saving recipes and ideas.

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