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Sourdough Potato Bread and The Weekly Menu

Are you like me and loathe to throw away leftovers?  As the Holiday Season approaches, I spend a lot of time figuring out how to repurpose my leftovers.  This bread recipe that I'm sharing today is a perfect way to use up any leftover mashed potatoes that you may have.

Potato Bread

This recipe creates 4 loaves of bread that is so soft and tender that you might even make potatoes just so you can bake this bread.......
I was making some Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Potato Skins for an upcoming blogging event and ended up with about 2 cups of potato that had been scooped out.  I mashed up 1 cup for this recipe and fried the rest up to go with our eggs for breakfast one day.


I didn't even bother mixing anything in with the potatoes I just mashed them with a fork and used them as is.

Bread dough

While they were still warm I mixed them with some sourdough starter, water, and bread flour.  Covered the bowl and left it on my counter until the following morning.

When I got up in the morning the starter was light and bubbly and filled the whole bowl.  I was so excited by it, I forgot to take photos.  I scraped it into the large bowl of my stand mixer and added some more warm water, some melted butter, salt, sugar, another cup of bread flour and 2 cups of all purpose flour.  I used my paddle attachment to blend this together and then I started adding white whole wheat flour, a half cup at a time, until it all came together and was no longer sticky.  

bread dough

I shaped it into a ball, sprayed the bowl and the top of the dough with olive oil, covered it with a towel and took care of my morning chores.  When I came back a couple of hours later, this is what I found.

Why so many different kinds of flour?  Well, I started with bread flour then ran out.  So I switched to all purpose flour and ran out of that too.  In came the White Whole Wheat flour to finish the job.  You can use all of one kind of flour if you want.

I divided the dough into 4 equal pieces and formed them into rounds, placed them onto parchment, covered lightly with plastic wrap and let them rise again while we ate lunch and did some yard work.  

bread dough

When the loaves had about doubled in size, I scored them, sprayed them with water and put them into the oven, spraying it with water as well.   I continuted to spray the oven with water every 15-20 minutes while they baked.  When they were golden brown and reached an internal temperature of 190* is reached.  This took about 40 minutes for loaves this size.


They tasted just as good as they looked.  I'm thinking that I may make these as hostess gifts over the holidays wrapped in holiday tea towels along with a jar of homemade jam.

Bread pin

It's hard to believe that Halloween is already this weekend and that November is upon us.  The Holidays will be here before you know it.  I am still working on using up items from my pantry and freezer to make room for the Holiday shopping.

We have been invited to our friends, the Bonacorsi's, for dinner tonight.  I am so happy they moved back down by us.  The Sheet Pan Paella that was planned for tonight is now on this weeks menu. I am taking them a loaf of this bread and making a quick tea towel in which to wrap it.  (shhhh, don't tell).

Halloween is quiet in our neighborhood.  We live in a rural area so we don't get beggers. One of our neighbors has a Halloween Birthday so our group is getting together here to celebrate.

Our second son's birthday is Tuesday, we celebrated with him a couple of weekends ago as he was going on vacation for two weeks and is working on his birthday.  

Other than that life is quiet, I have started working on some Christmas projects, making my lists and checking them twice and thumbing through cookbooks and magazines to plan our Holiday Meals.

Here's what's being served up this week.  What's on your menu?

Soup Saturday
Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Chicken and Tortellini
Pumpkin Cornbread

Sunday Supper-Birthday Celebration
Creamy Leek Soup with Shoestring Potatoes
Spinach Salad with Pears, Walnuts and Goat Cheese
Roast New York Strip Loin
Double Potato Gratin
Birthday Cake-Provided by Nancy

Meatless Monday
Pasta Puttanesca

Taco Tuesday

Kielbasa and Pierogi Sheet Pan Dinner

Mashed Potatoes
Maple Glazed Acorn Squash

Sheet Pan Paella

Bread, Sourdough, Potato,
Yield: 4 loaves
Author: Wendy Klik
Sourdough Potato Bread

Sourdough Potato Bread

This recipe, made with leftover mashed potatoes, creates 4 loaves of bread that is so soft and tender that you might even make potatoes just so you can bake this bread.
Prep time: 30 MinCook time: 40 MinInactive time: 16 HourTotal time: 17 H & 10 M


  • 1 c. sourdough starter, room temperature
  • 2 1/4 c. warm water (105-110*), divided
  • 3 c. bread flour, divided
  • 1 c. mashed potatoes, warmed
  • 2 t. salt
  • 1 stick butter, melted and cooled
  • 1/3 c. sugar
  • 2 c. all purpose flour
  • 3-4 c. white whole wheat flour


  1. Combine the sourdough starter with the mashed potatoes, 1 1/2 cups water and 2 cups of the bread flour in a large bowl.  Cover and leave on counter overnight, until light and bubbly.
  2. Turn into the large bowl of a stand mixer and add the remaining cup of bread flour, 3/4 cup of warm water, salt, sugar, butter and 2 cups of all purpose flour.  Mix with the paddle attachment until combined.  Gradually add the white whole wheat flour, about 1/2 cup at a time until the dough comes together and is no longer sticky.  Remove from bowl and form into a ball.  Spray the bowl with olive oil and return the dough ball to the bowl.  Spray the top of the dough ball with olive oil, cover with a towel and let rise for about 2 hours, until doubled in size,
  3. Turn onto a lightly floured surface and divide into 4 quarters.  Shape each quarter into a round flat loaf and place onto a piece of parchment. Cover lightly with plastic wrap and let rise for about an hour, until doubled in size.
  4. Just before baking slash the tops of the dough with a sharp knife and spray with water.  Place into a preheated 350* oven.  Spray the oven with water and bake, spraying the inside of the oven with water every 15 minutes or so, until the bread is golden brown and has reached an internal temperature of 190*.  This took about 40 minutes in my oven.

Nutrition Facts



Fat (grams)


Sat. Fat (grams)


Carbs (grams)


Fiber (grams)


Net carbs


Sugar (grams)


Protein (grams)


Sodium (milligrams)


Cholesterol (grams)


Nutritional information is per loaf of bread. Each loaf serves 12.


  1. Your friends will enjoy the bread. Another week of delicious looking meals.

  2. I'm just laughing to myself because there is no such thing as left-over mashed potatoes. :) But, I'm putting this into my list so I can give it a try!

    1. Sometimes you just have to make extra and set them aside before you take the rest to the table. LOL


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