Saturday, October 2, 2021

Celebrating Fall with a Maset Brut Rose #CavaWeek

I was generously provided 3 bottles of sparkling wines from Cava DO along with an invitation to join in a twitter event on Wednesday, October 6th at 9PM ET.  I am looking forward to  the chat and I'm anxious to share my thoughts about the wine that I opened for this article.  I received no monetary compensation for this post and all writings and opinions are 100% my own.

sparkling wines

These wines arrived yesterday afternoon. We had previously made dinner plans so I took some quick photos and placed the Cava Brut Rose from Maset into the refrigerator.  After we returned home from dinner I heated up some store bought, frozen, rustic tarts filled with berries, rhubarb and apples to enjoy for dessert. 

fruit tart

While they were in the oven we opened the wine and poured some bubbles. The bubbles tickled my nose and I noted crisp and bright aromas.  The wine pours an almost orange color and is bone dry with hints of berries and fruit. 

wine being poured

I placed a dollop of ice cream onto the warm tarts and took a bite.  They were very good but too sweet for the wine for my palate.  I thought back to the calamari we had as an appetizer before dinner and thought that this Brut Rose would have been much better paired with those crisp, savory bites than this sweet bite that clashed with the dryness of the wine.

tart with wine

We finished our dessert, poured ourselves some more of this wine and relaxed while binging on Atypical on Netflix. Have you watched Atypical?  We are starting Season 2 and are enjoying it as much as we enjoyed this wine from Cava.  I'm anxious to open the other 2 bottles and share my thoughts.  Stay tuned.......


  1. Have not heard of Atypical, but I will look that up. Just starting to wrap my head around a pairing.

    1. I had a crazy week coming up and knew I had to do it quick or it wouldn't get done.

  2. I love Atypical. I am behind a season, though. Mine is written as well, didn't even think to publish it ahead of the game.


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