Saturday, December 1, 2018

Celebrating Leftovers #ItalianFWT

Who says that bubbly is just for special occasions?

Join me as we pop open a bottle of Italian Prosecco Brut to celebrate the last of the Thanksgiving turkey.......

I love Thanksgiving and look forward to the feast for weeks beforehand.  The first morning afterwards I excitedly offer breakfast made from leftovers such as Stuffing with EggsScrambled Eggs with Kielbasa and Mashed Potato Pancakes.

I happily place the turkey carcass into a pot for Turkey Frame Soup.  We enjoy Turkey sandwiches.  Mine slathered with Miracle Whip and Frank's slathered with leftover Cranberry Sauce.  We eat leftover Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie until they are all gone.

But, by the time we are getting to the end of the leftovers, I gotta admit folks, I am getting very tired of them.

So this year I decided to change up my leftover plan and create a new dish, Tachin Joojeh,  inspired by the movie A Man Called Ove.  If you haven't seen this movie you can learn more about it and all the recipes that it inspired in my round up post.

To celebrate the end of the leftovers, I decided to open a bottle of Mionetto Presecco Brut that I had purchased while at Costco for our #ItalianFWT  Holiday Celebration.  This party is being hosted by Martin of Enofylz Wine Blog.  His preview post is very informative.  Had I read it before I purchased my wine I would have tried a different Italian Sparkling to share with you today.

As it is, Frank poured the Prosecco, as I got dinner onto the table.  We sat down, said grace and toasted to the last of the leftovers.  Then we sipped.  I wish we could say we loved this wine.  Heck, I wish we could say we liked this wine.

The best I can do is to say that I did not dislike it as much as Frank.  It tasted like we were drinking a beer.  Frank doesn't care for beer at all.  I do like beer on occasion but not when I am expecting wine.

This is the description as posted at Total Wines:  
Treviso, Italy- The Mionetto Prosecco Brut has an intense fruity bouquet with a hint of golden apples. It is very dry, fresh, light in body and well-balanced. This wine is perfect alone as an aperitif or as a delightful complement to appetizers
I chose to serve this wine with this meal because Sparkling is very food friendly and I thought it would pair well with the Middle Eastern spices used in this dish.  It paired reasonably well but I think that a beer would have paired with it just as well.

I didn't get much fruit but I would have sworn there was hops in this bottle.  Perhaps it is the yeast that we were tasting.  All sparkling needs yeast to make it bubbly and this wine was very bubbly.

The wine is very reasonably priced at less than $10 for the bottle so I wasn't too distraught over the purchase.  And now I know.......

Join us today at 11 AM ET for twitter chat to find out what sparkling Italian the others tried and how they enjoyed it.  You will find us following #ItalianFWT.  Here is a preview of what the others will be discussing.

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    1. Your plan for Thanksgiving leftovers is far more comprehensive than mine Wendy. Way to elevate leftovers with Prosecco. I've enjoyed that bottle in the past!

    2. Too bad you didn't care for the wine. I wonder if it could have been corked? I've not run into that in a sparkling wine before, but it must be possible.

      1. I wondered as well Jeff but it had lots of bubbles and I don't think that would have been the case had it been corked.

    3. I'm so impressed with your post-TG feast! When we do leftovers here, my husband calls it a Billy Goat Dinner: we literally clean out the fridge, reheat everything, and plate it. Yours sounds much better!

      1. Yes, I always try to repurpose our leftovers otherwise they languish in the refrigerator until they turn moldy and get thrown out.

    4. I too love to remake leftover -- I always think of it as a game! Your strategy is very impressive. Like Jeff Above, I too wonder if the the wine was corked. Either way, it is too bad! . . . but like you say not a huge loss at $10.

      1. Yes, just a minor disappointment but if it was corked I feel bad about the review.


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