Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our Trip by Land.....

Normally when we go on vacation, especially as far as the Keys in Florida, we fly. This trip we decided to drive down.  

The drive down there was not bad at all. We had made arrangements to make 2 stops and arrive at our resort the evening of the 3rd day.  

Our first stop was in Nashville where we were met by our friends, Kelly and Lou, who have lived in Tennessee for the past 23 years.We walked around and saw some of the sites and had dinner in town before heading to their lovely home situated on a golf course.  In the morning, Kelly made us some delicious ham and cheese crepes served with a lovely fruit salad before we headed south again.

Our second stop was at our friends, Heidi and Mike in The Villages, Florida.  Heidi and Mike both worked with us as police officers in the City of Warren.  Mike was the first to retire and Heidi the last having retired a mere 3 years ago.  It was Mike and Heidi that introduced Frank and I to scuba diving. They spend their winters in Florida and their summers in Northern Michigan.  The best of both worlds.  We had a great visit but didn't take any pics.  We enjoyed an early breakfast at one of the Country Clubs within The Villages and headed towards our resort in Islamorada.

We stayed at a little family run resort called The Ragged Edge.  It is small, quaint and clean.  It has a terrific setting and our rooms each had a full kitchen.  There are grills available and we shared a balcony where we could sit with cocktails and look out at this beautiful view.  The pool was a decent size and WARM...even perhaps a little too warm.  The only complaint that we had with this resort was that the beds were very uncomfortable.  

We were able to eat many of our meals right at the resort.  This not only saved us some money but it was also a good break from restaurant meals.  

We had a fishing excursion planned for Saturday but canceled due to rough seas. We decided to take a drive down the keys to the furthest point south in the USA.  We had lunch and strolled around Key West before returning to the resort for grilled burgers and our last night together before heading back north.

The drive home was a long one.  We drove to Macon, Georgia the first day where we grabbed some shut eye and headed out in the wee morning hours for the remainder of the trek home.  The dogs were very happy to see us.  We were very happy to see our bed and today we have our Little Miss!!   Life is good.

Frank is working on the diving photos.  I will be sharing our Trip by Sea shortly.


  1. I remember how I longed to go on vacation and then coming home was the best ever! Happy to have you back. Can't wait to see the sea pictures.

    1. For sure Paula....love going on vacation...always happy to come home.


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