Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bonaire Day 2, Land and Sea

Up bright and early.  My little bout of food poisoning seems to have passed.  Took it very easy with just a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  It settled nicely so off to the dive boat we went.  We had 2 wonderful dives at Sampler Reef and Andrea 3 Reef.

After diving, we enjoyed Mojitos and lunch, relaxed by the pool for a bit and then took a little nap.

We all met up again at the bar for the Captain's Reception.  Free Rum Punches and a lot of laughs.
Then we split into groups depending on what our dinner plans were.  We walked to the neighboring resort with Jim, Sharon, Rob and Linda to have dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Ingridients. 

They were featuring Lion Fish on their menu this day.  And has a special daily menu board with those choices written in Dutch.

Our server also brought over a board for us that was written in English but we could have figured it out anyway.  Each couple had Lionfish fritters and a couple of us enjoyed the Lionfish and Langosine Soup.

They also had a featured cocktail called Ingridients Green.  When in Rome......

It was delicious.

We relaxed with our drinks and appetizers as the sun began to set.  It was such a relaxing, enjoyable evening with two couples with whom we always enjoy spending time.

Not a very good shot of the sunset but a great shot of Frank.

The restaurant specialty is a truffle pasta prepared tableside in a Parmesan cheese wheel.  It was amazing to watch the preparation and Linda said the dish was superb.

I enjoyed the veal ribeye and Frank had the pasta with tenderloin tips.  Sharon had a filet and Rob and Jim both had the Lionfish dinner.  It was a wonderful, memorable meal, a pleasant stroll back to the room and early to bed so we can share another day of diving with you tomorrow.


  1. I have only recently heard of LionFish. Is it good? I am enjoying the trip with you. The picture of the sunset and Frank was splendid!

    1. It is light, tasty and tender. Thanks, wish you were here for real.


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