Sunday, April 24, 2016

Home is where the heart is and the Weekly Menu

I love, love, love vacations and you know what I love even more?  Coming home.  It is so wonderful to walk into your home where the dogs are waiting impatiently at the door to get the week of loving that they think you owe to them.

Now, I know my friend, Karen, and I know that my dogs got more attention than they would have had we been home but that doesn't change anything in their minds.....they need a weeks worth of ear and belly rubs and they need it now!!

Speaking of Karen.  I hope that all of you are blessed with a friend whom you can count on any time you beckon.  She leaves her home and stays in ours. Takes excellent care of the animals.  Leaves the house cleaner than she found it and allows us to relax and enjoy our time away with no worries in the world.  I know I have told you all before how amazing Kirsten is, well Karen is another amazing gift brought to us by Kirsten.  We are so fortunate!

I know I still owe you the post about kayaking the mangroves and it is going to be up sometime this week.  I have a lot that I need to say about it but for now I need to get ready for my our week.  It seems so strange to have to think of my days as ours now that Frank is home full time.  Nice but strange.  Now my days include those things that he needs to get done as well.  The trade off is that he is here to help me with my stuff.  Life is good.

Today is Ting's birthday.  Tomorrow is Chuck's birthday.  Frank's birthday is next monty. My sister's birthday is the 16th of May. I am surrounded by bulls!!  Do you place any stock in horoscopes?  I don't put much stock in daily horoscopes but I do like comparing personalities of people born under the same sign to see if there are similarities.  I see a lot of similar qualities in all my Tauruses but I think I also find similarities between people born in the same era also so I think it is all for fun.

We are going to throw some ribs on the grill for Ting's birthday dinner.  Amy is bringing the cake.  I sent out Chuck's package before we left and he received it already.  The week is pretty quiet.  I have Food Pantry on this Wednesday because my friend, Mary Agnes, switched weeks with me while I was on vacation.  Other than that we just have a list of to do's to do LOL.

So I am sharing our weekly menu.  Come back each day when I will be sharing photos, recipes and the kayaking adventure.

Crunchy Ramen Salad
Rice Mingle Salad
Sour Cream and Green Onion Corn Muffins

Meatless Monday
Onion and Apple Frittata
Cafe con Leche Crumpets

Fried Chicken with a Kick
Ranch Potato Salad
Baked Beans


Kielbasa Welsh Rarebit
Tomato Bisque

Fish Friday
Crab Souffle
Spring Greens Salad


  1. That is just the way I always felt about vacations. It was so nice to be away. But the best thing ever was coming home!! Happy Birthday to Ting!!Paige's birthday is also May 16!! And she will be 16! I would love to have a friend like Karen. She sounds amazing!!

    1. She is. Any special plans for Paige's Sweet 16?

    2. Not at my house! Her mom might be planning something. We will probably just take her out to dinner!

    3. I hope you all have a wonderful celebration. Sixteen is a big step for a young lady, at least in our household. They can drive, they can date and they no longer had to stay somewhere else when we went out of town for a couple of days.


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