Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Day 3 and 4 in Bonaire....

Yesterday....all my troubles seemed so far away............

My first boat dive in the morning was aborted because I was suffering a leak in my regulator.  When we came back to shore the Dive Master was able to fix it up and I was able to do the second dive.  In the afternoon we took it easy, had lunch at the resort, sat by the pool and read.  No cocktails as we were doing a night dive.

I have video to share of Frank's first dive and our second dive of the day.  We enjoyed our night dive but have no video's or photos to share.

Following our night dive we walked next door to Blennie's for dinner.  It was delicious and a good time was had by all.

This morning we headed out to dive a wreck called the Helma Hooker.  This boat was confiscated for smuggling drugs and eventually sunk as an artificial reef.  When we were last in Bonaire in 2000 there were 4 people diving this wreck, Frank and I along with our friends, Heidi and Mike.  It was a great dive.  Today there were 3 boatloads of divers along with shore divers.  I hated every minute of this first dive.  I dive to relax...I don't want pushing, shoving and rude people on a dive site with me.

The first thing you see on this video is Rodney and Mickey doing a sun dance.  It works every time. The sun comes out and we have beautiful dives.  The second dive in the video made me remember why I love Bonaire so much.  It is beautiful, calm and peaceful.  The dives are relaxed and easy. Perfect.

After diving, we enjoyed a couples massage, had lunch with a glass of wine and I took a two hour nap.  We went into town for dinner at a restaurant called It Rains Fishes.  There were 20 of us for dinner so, of course, we had a great time.  Until tomorrow.........

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