Friday, September 18, 2015

Me and my Little Sous Chef and the Weekly Menu

We are busy today getting ready for Melody's First Birthday Party!  How exciting is that.  I got up early feeling pretty lousy with these allergies that are kicking my butt but I did not let that stop me.  I went and visited with Mom, who is also feeling punk and was still in bed when I arrived.  I went to speak with the nurse who said there was a virus going around and Mom would see the doctor today.  I went back and Mom had gotten up and was getting dressed so we went out and had coffee together while Mom ate her breakfast.  When breakfast was over, I left Mom to her exercise group and headed to the store to get the groceries needed for tomorrow.

When I got home, I wrapped up Melody's gifts from me and Grampy.  She got a new car seat as she has outgrown the infant seat, 3 new outfits for the cooler weather, a tea set and a stuffed dog to teach her her numbers and colors.  Then she and her Mom arrived and we baked her cupcakes for tomorrow.  She LOVED being my sous chef!

Tonight we are going out to dinner with Nicole and Pierre.  Tomorrow is the big party.  Sunday will be a quiet day because Monday Frank is going in to the hospital at 7 am to have a procedure done.  Not sure if he will be spending the night or not so we will play it by ear.  The rest of the week is pretty quiet.

So here is the Weekly Menu.  I will be posting photos and recipes throughout the week.  See you then,

Saturday- Melody's First Birthday
Baked Pasta
Dinner Rolls
Cookies, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Green Beans



Leftovers before Choir


Coconut Shrimp
Fruit Salad


  1. Good luck to Frank! I wish him well. I hope all of his nurses are very kind and know how to use their "doctor's stethescopes" (hail to Joy Behar) ). I'll say a prayer for him! I love the picture of Melody with the beater. My grandkids still fight over who gets to lick the beater. Even if I used it for whipped potatoes! Hope you get those allergies under control soon. Happy to hear news about your mom!!


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