Friday, September 4, 2015

You say Tomato, I say Tomahto.....

However you say it, what it means today is busy, busy, busy.  You see we have 3 bushels of tomatoes that we started canninng today.  We made Marinara Sauce, Salsa and lots of plain old canned tomatoes to use all winter long.  Nothing new, recipe wise today, but you can link back to the recipes and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  I still have a bushel of tomatoes left so I think more salsa and Grilled Veggie Pasta Sauce is in my future

Image result for a walk in the woods movie

Yesterday we went to see "A Walk in the Woods".  I was very excited about the movie because I had just read the book and loved it.  You can see my review of the book here.  While the movie deviated from the book, it was still very funny and we would recommend it if you are looking for a fun, relaxing night out.  When we got home we put together some Stuffed Cabbages and Sauerkraut for dinner tonight and freezer meals.  I will also be sending some over to my friend, Linda, who went in for knee surgery today.

We were supposed to have our friends, the Nutters, over for dinner tonight but they had to cancel so I met Catherine for breakfast instead this morning before I stopped to see Mom who I ended up not seeing because she was getting her hair and nails done. Frank is reheating the stuffed cabbages and making some pierogi for us right now.  So it is just a quiet night tonight here on the farm.  I think I will throw a movie in, pour a glass of wine and ease my aching back.

Happy Friday all.

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  1. All that canning will sustain you come the winter time! Wish I had a desire to can!

    1. I complain about it but I look forward to it each year Paula.

  2. Those canned tomatoes are just gorgeous - yumm!


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