Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's on your menu this week?

Happy Long Weekend.  The last hurrah before the kiddos return to school (at least the public schools here in Michigan) and the final holiday before we celebrate Halloween.  I am already starting to think about all things pumpkin around here.  And I am not the only one.  A bunch of us are getting prepped and ready for Pumpkin Week 2015 that is taking place September 28-October 2 so stay tuned for tons of fun and delicious pumpkin recipes coming your way.

But not this week.  No pumpkin on the menu yet this week because we are still celebrating Summer. Tonight we are going to Frank's brother's house to celebrate his birthday.  We will stop at the Romeo Peach Festival on the way to see Nicole and Pierre who have a booth set up for Petoskey and Pine.

Tomorrow, Tingting and Melody, are coming over to attend Mass with us and then I get to keep my little Angel Face for a few hours.  I haven't seen her for over a week and I can hardly wait to get my hands on her.  We will take her with us when we go over to see our niece Jen's (not TC Jen but my brother Dick's daughter) new home.  They are having a BBQ/Housewarming Party.  I am anxious to see their new house.  The photos are wonderful.

Monday, my friend Tami is coming back so we can finish up canning tomatoes and also make some pickled beets.  I think when we are done we will hop in the pool to cool off and throw some burgers on the grill.

The rest of the week is pretty quiet.  Only thing on the schedule is returning to choir practice which will be on Wednesdays this year instead of Thursday.

Dinner at Dan and Rebecca's

Dinner at Jen and Mike's

Burgers on the Grill
Corn on the Cob


Chicken Saltimbocca (moved from last week)
Spinach Pappardelle

Chicken Gumbo

Fish Friday
Fried Perch
Mac and Cheese
Cole Slaw


  1. Yum! Pickled beets. We had burgers on the grill yesterday. But oh how I miss the pool!! Melody is getting so big. How is Ting? Love your menu, as usual!

    1. Ting is doing great. She is a wonderful Mom. We are going to have to replace our pool after this season. It's been 13 years and the frame is beginning to rust at the bottom.

    2. What are you going to get? Do you know yet? I think about Ting and Melody often. Keep them in my prayers

    3. Well we considered an in ground pool until we looked at the price so we are just going to get another 24' round like we have currently. It's not too bad because we only need to replace the pool itself. All the filter, heater, etc are fine. Thank you for the prayers. We are getting ready for Mel's first birthday here....boy does time fly!!

    4. Do you leave the pool up and filled during the winter? We always took our completely down and restarted every year. It was so much work! How deep is your pool?

    5. We partially empty it and then put a cover on it for the winter but otherwise it stays up. We have had this one for 13 years before it needed replacement. It is an even 4' across.


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