Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up and the Weekly Menut

I know it is Monday but for many of us here in the USA it is still the weekend.  Today is the day that we celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, the peaceful visionary whose life was cut short by hatred.

It is a national holiday so many schools, government agencies and businesses are closed.  The movie Selma has recently hit the big screen and I have heard good things about it from those who have seen it.  Perhaps we will find time this week to see it as well.

Our weekend has been wonderful.  Friday we drove up north to spend time with Randy, Jen, Lil and Spence.  We last saw them on Christmas so it hadn't quite been a month yet but this was our last opportunity until March and the kids will be gone for a good portion of that month.

On the way down we stopped and had lunch with our friends, Bob and Cathy, who live in Houghton Lake.  Then we arrived at our family's house and got to see all of their home improvement projects. The basement is completely finished now including an en suite for us and they are redoing the mud room which is going to be wonderful when it is done.

Then we went and watched Lili's basketball game which her team, The Glen Lake Lakers, won.  Lil played an excellent defense throughout the game.  I was very impressed.  After the game we all went out for pizza and then home to was a long day.

On Saturday, Randy made us a wonderful breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast.  Then he left to get some work done and the rest of us went to see Spence get ready to test for his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

After his class we did some shopping and then returned home.  Lil studied for exams, Jen and I read for a bit, Frank and Randy visited and Spence made us homemade, all from scratch, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting!!!  I am going to enter that kid into Master Chef Junior!!!

Jen made us chili for dinner which was delicious and then we all played games until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer.  

Sunday we attended church service and then came back to a delicious breakfast casserole that Randy had put together the night before.  We were on the road back home around 1 pm and, after stopping for dinner, got home around 6:30.

Today we are having the CIC dinner that we were supposed to have last Thursday.  Reveal day is tomorrow so make sure you stop back to see what I created using the crazy ingredients we were given.  I am making crab rangoons to share with you later today.

Wednesday is Food Pantry night and Thursday is choir night per usual.

Friday night is pool night sponsored by our dive shop.  We will be going so I can test out my new BC (Buoyancy Control Device) that Frank got me for Christmas before our dive trip.  I am moving last Friday night's dinner forward.

So here is our Weekly Menu, please make sure to stop back each day for photos and recipes.  I am still working my way through my cookbooks and will share that experience with you as well and I am, of course, linking up at MPM where you will find tons of great menu ideas.

Dinner by Jen
Dessert by Spence

Out for dinner on the way home

Crabmeat Wontons-The Complete Around the World Cookbook
CIC Recipe revealed tomorrow

Olokliri Kota sti Skara-It's All Greek to Me
Mashed Potatoes

Pork Spareribs with Sauerkraut Cabbage-Fix it and Forget it Cookbook

Chicken Taco Salad-Make Ahead Cooking

Baked Salmon-Magic Chef Cookbook
Rice and Peas


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