Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Weekend!!

Yesterday was a very busy day around here.  I spent the morning doing bills (I hate bill days) and then I picked up Mom and took her to lunch where we were met by Frank and his Mom.  We had a nice lunch and Mom did a great job of pretending she remembered who Mom Klik was.  When I got Mom back home she was confused because she didn't realize that this was what the place looked like on the outside.  But when we walked in there was a guitar player and a singer entertaining "the gang".  We walked over and Mom saw Harriet and, of course, said "Oh my gosh, what in the world are you doing here?"  Harriet motioned to a chair she had saved for Mom and that was all she wrote.  Mom started singing along and didn't even look at me again.

Then I went to pick up some groceries.  Our choir director, Bea and her sister, Lou, who are dear friends of ours, lost their brother on Wednesday.  He had been battling cancer.  So I came home and baked a ham, made some baked beans with smoked sausage, pasta with meat sauce and a broccoli salad to take over to the house where the family was all gathering.  

Then I was sick of cooking and since choir was canceled we took Kirsten, John and Karen out to dinner using a gift certificate we had gotten for Christmas.  It was a very nice night but when we got home I was very tired.  Well, yes it may have been the bottle of wine we ordered...but whatever the reason, I was too tired to do any blogging.

Today is going to be another busy day as we are heading up north to see our TC family.  Lili has a basketball game tonight and I am hoping that Spence has a TKD match that we can see while we are up there as well.  On the way up we are stopping to have lunch with friends.

So there won't be a weekly menu posted on Saturday but I will work on it Sunday night when we get home so that it is posted on Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone.  I know I am going to enjoy mine.


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