Monday, January 12, 2015

Getting set into a new routine

Ting went back to school today.  She is taking a class on Mondays and Wednesdays along with an on line class.  I am very happy she did not give up on her dreams.  She is so close and, yes, it will take longer than it was going to pre Melody but she will have that degree before she knows it!!

So she will be spending the nights here on Sunday and Tuesdays so that I can keep Little Miss Melody while she attends class.

This morning Ting brought Melody down to me after her 6:30 feeding so that she could finish getting ready.  So I changed her diaper and put her in the jumpy seat while I made breakfast and Frank brushed the 5" of snow from Ting's car.

I made waffles again this morning but today I added bananas to the batter and I topped mine with peanut butter.....Delicious!!!~

After breakfast, Frank went out and plowed the snow while Melody and I went to bed for another 45 minutes.  When she awoke we had our bath and got lotioned up and dressed for the day.  Then we had a bottle with a little bit of rice cereal added in and that was all she wrote.  Out she went and not a peep out of her since.  This baby stuff is a breeze......

Well, at least for today....we will see what Wednesday brings LOL.


  1. LOL! I hope they will always remain a breeze for you. She looks so peaceful!


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