Sunday, January 11, 2015

Just how cold is it in Michigan?

It is so cold in Michigan that in the area where we live, which is a shipping channel for huge freighters that travel from State to State, the ice is dammed up and the freighters are at a stand still.

We went for a ride this morning and saw 4 freighters stuck in the river.  One of them was pushed sideways!!!  I don't know how they will ever get it turned around with all the ice.  We took pictures of all of them and tried to get photos of the four of them in a line but our camera is not up to that.

So I am sharing with you one photo to show you how huge these freighters are so that you can get a little understanding of  how thick and strong the ice must be to stop them.

And then another of the Coast Guard coming to the rescue of one of them.  I am not sure what the Coast Guard can do but I am sure seeing them made the crew feel much better.  At least they know that they are not stuck there all alone!!

The temperatures actually rose today to the mid 20s.  I think our high was 27* Farenheidt.  It appears as though these temps are going to last throughout the week which is much warmer than what we had last week!!  The snow finally started falling in this area as well.  We probably have about 2 inches so far tonight and are expecting another inch or so before morning. 


  1. It is the coldest winter I can remember. Thankfully we got a bit warm today. If you can call 30* warm

    1. I don't think it has been as cold as last year or at least not as long as it was cold last year here. Our December was very mild but it is sure making up for it now!!! Stay warm Paula!

  2. Those Pictures of the big freighters stuck in the ice, and one of them sideways, are incredible! We have another friend who lives just outside Chicago who keeps sending us pictures of his driveway, which he shovels about four times a day, at least! Oh, Doctor. What a job!

    1. I think the cutter came through and got them all loose and on their way again today.


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