Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Menu for the First Week of February.....

February!!!  What happened to January?

When I wrote these words it brought to mind an incident with my Pops.  It was New Years Eve 1994 and Frank and I had decided to stay home and celebrate quietly just the two of us.  Anthony and Nicole were spending NYE with their mom and we were partied out from the holidays.

I got a phone call from my Mom and she was crying.  I asked what was wrong and she said "Your father can't remember anything".  Thinking that he had forgotten something important to Mom I asked her what he had forgotten and she replied "Everything, he has forgotten everything!!"  I told Frank that we needed to go out to the house, we lived about 45 minutes away during this time.  When we arrived Mom met us in the garage and said "Don't tell him that I called you".  This reinforced, in my mind, that they had had an argument over something Pops had forgotten.

I walked in and asked where he was and Mom said he was in bed.  I walked into Pop's bedroom and my heart broke at the look of confusion and fear on his face.  I asked what was wrong and he replied "I don't know, I lost my dog".  I asked for clarification and he asked what day it was.  I replied "New Years Eve".  He said "What the hell happened to Christmas?"  He then asked what year it was and was shocked at the answer.  He had lost 2 years of his memories.  I told Pops I thought he had a stroke and we needed to go to the hospital.  Once at the hospital, Pops was diagnosed with TIA and kept for a couple of days during which all his memories returned and he was once again fine.

Mom and Pops.

Everytime I feel like time flies I think of this story and my Pops.

All right...on to business for February.

Today we are having dinner at Amy's house.  I am taking dessert that I will share with you on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we will go to Mass and then the pig transporter is coming to take my pigs to the processor.  I have invited Tamie and her kids over for dinner.  We still haven't given them their Christmas gifts!!

The rest of the week is just a typical week on the farm.  Nothing unusual scheduled, just getting ready for our trip.....woooohoooooo!!

So please stop by each day as I share recipes and photos with you.  As an added bonus this week we are also celebrating #TripleSBites.  I will be talking to you more about this tomorrow but suffice it to say there are going to be tons of recipes shared with you this week and that is not even taking into account Menu Plan Monday!

Dinner at Amy's

Baked Pasta with Meat Sauce
Focaccia-Italian, The essence of Mediterranean Cuisine

Meatless Monday
Spinach Pizza Pie- Betty Crocker's Casseroles and One Dish Meals

Beef  Stroganoff (using leftover filet mignon)
Popovers-Someone's in the Kitchen with Hudson's

Sausage and Bean Casserole-Cook's Companion

Out for dinner before choir

Baked Salmon (back on again!) -Magic Chef Cooking
Rice and Peas


  1. Another busy week on the farm, I see!

  2. Wow, what a story about your Pops, I didn't realize that something could happen. I am glad all of his memories came back. Looks like an action packed week for you, have a good one!


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