Saturday, January 24, 2015

Warm Weather Thoughts and the Weekly Menu is Saturday again already.  Is it just me or do the weeks fly by for all of you as well?  It seems like I was just writing out my upcoming week and menu and here I am again.  I am still working my way through my 100+ cookbooks.  This has been both a pleasure and a challenge.  On one hand I am making a lot of new recipes, on the other it takes me much longer to make this Weekly Menu that I share with you.

Today is a very busy day.  We have a funeral Mass to attend at 11and then we have to be to church at 3:15 to sing at 4 pm Mass.  After Mass we have a meeting at the dive shop for our upcoming Carribean trip (wooohooooo) and then we are all going out to dinner afterwards.

Tomorrow we are going to the home builders show to nose around a bit and then Tingting and the baby will be over for dinner and to spend the night so I can watch Little Miss on Monday morning.

Monday, we will be up bright and early to load up the hogs for their field trip to the processor.  I will be able to help load them but Frank will have to transport them by himself because I will have Melody.   We will be having a Meatless Meal for Monday.

On Tuesday I will be going to Zumba in the morning and then Ting will be joining us again for dinner as she had class on Wednesday. I will go back to Try it Tuesday after I get through all the cookbooks because each day is "try it" day right now.

Thursday I will be missing Zumba as I have a meeting here about moving the food pantry to another location.  I will be sharing my lunch menu and we will go out for dinner before choir practice.

Friday, I am making a special "Date Night" dinner for Frank.  The menu will be posted each day next week in the #TripleSBites event.

I am happy to share our Weekly Menu with you.  Please stop by each day as I post photos and recipes.  On Monday, join me at MPM where you will find many more menus to help you with your meal plans.

Out for Dinner after Scuba Meeting

Peasant Vegetable Soup-Silver Palate Cookbook
Crusty Bread

Meatless Monday
Orechiette with Cannellini Beans and Spinach-Gourmet Meals in Minutes

Scaloppine Di Pollo Con Erbe-Italian Feast
Pasta Aglio Olio
Steamed Green Beans

Coq Au Vin with Autumn Vegetables-Williams Sonoma Complete Seasonal Cookbook

Thursday-Lunch( Out for Dinner)
Orange Vanilla Fruit Salad-Pioneer Woman Cooks, A Year of Holidays
Ham and Asparagus Quiche
Crusty Rolls

Friday-Date Night
Check back each day from 2/2 through 2/9 for great fun and wonderful recipes!!


  1. You stay so busy it makes my head spin. And yes, I , too, think time is just speeding by! Wish it would just slow down a tad. Great menu!

    1. Thanks.....2 more weeks and I will spend a full week just relaxing....I cannot wait.


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