Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life is constantly changing and sometimes it just stops.

When I got up this morning, I straightened the house, made a batch of brownies and assembled my quiche.  Then I got a phone call that one of our members couldn't make it now and one had already told us she wouldn't be here so that left only 2 of us so we are rescheduling our meeting.

I wish that I had gotten the phone call early enough to change schedules and go to Zumba but it was not meant to be.  Oh well, such is life.  The good thing is that the quiche is all ready and set to go in the oven so we won't be going out to dinner tonight.

When I spoke with the one member who was going to make it to the meeting she told me that she had gotten a phone call from a local realtor who just sold a party store.  The previous owner had left all his stock on the shelves and we were welcome to come and get it for the food pantry so we met there this afternoon and picked up quite a large load.

When I returned from the food pantry, I went out to take care of the farm animals and found that one of my very first laying hens, Martha, had died.  Martha is the hen I am holding in my profile photo here on the blog.  She was the friendliest of all my hens and loved to be held and scratched.  Stella is not the only hen remaining from the original 6.

This is Martha, the black and white hen, and Puff.
They were part of the original 6 hens I ordered when I decided to raise layers.
Puff passed away a couple of months ago.
I imagine Stella, the last of the originals, will be leaving us soon too.

Since my meeting was canceled I am not making the fancy fruit salad that was originally scheduled for today.  I am just making a plain old fruit salad to go along with quiche before choir tonight.

See you all tomorrow.  Stay warm.


  1. I am so sorry about Martha! Sounds like one of those days that just staying in bed would have been a nice option. Hope the rest of the day goes well

    1. Thanks Paula. Now we are having a snow storm here so I am just waiting to see if choir is canceled.

  2. Aww Wendy :( I'm sorry to hear you lost Martha today - I love the photo of you holding her!


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