Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Homeward Bound and the Weekly Menu

 As you are reading this post my Angel Face and I are on a plane returning home from California where we were celebrating my great niece's graduation from High School.  We had a great time!!

Graduation gathering
The Angel Face and I had a great time.  It was so much fun watching her getting to know her California cousins.  She jumped out of bed running each morning and went non stop until she fell into bed at night.  Grammy is happy she had fun and is now happy to get home where I can rest a bit.

3 women

Day 1 we went into Paso Robles where we met up with my friends Cam and Lori at Lori's Tasting Room.

Vacation Collage

The rest of the week was spent having family fun and celebrating with hikes, trips to the beach, pool time, creek time, learning to use silks and going on hikes.  

We land in Detroit at 5:40 pm.  Our flight left CA at 6:15 PT this morning.  That means we were up at 4 AM.  By the time we have dinner and go to bed it should put us right back on schedule for ET in Detroit.

Tomorrow, I have a pre surgery doc appointment in the morning followed by physical therapy.  Thursday is a Banner Day. Our daughter, Jessica, will have her Oath Ceremony and become a Citizen of the USA.  We are excited to celebrate this special day with her.

Friday, I have PT again in the morning and will spend some time figuring out my menu for next week.  

Here is the menu for these next few days.  I am happy to be home.....

Wednesday-Normandy Dinner (moved from last month)
Pastel de Jaiba with Crostini
Grilled Alaskan Rockfish 
Rice Mingle Salad
Tarte Normande

Celebration for Jessica's Oath Ceremony

Grilled Burgers
Deli Salads

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