Friday, June 25, 2021

Fish Friday in the USA with a Spanish Txakolina Rosé #WorldWineTravel

 I am sharing this post on Fish Friday, however, we actually enjoyed this fresh Michigan perch and walleye paired with this Spanish Wine on Tuesday.  It was Kirsten's birthday and John honored her memory with a gathering.

Spanish Txakolina Rosé with Potluck dinner plate

This is what an American Fish Fry/Pot luck looks like in Michigan.  Freshly caught Walleye (Pickerel) assorted salads and baked beans
Jill of L'Occasion is hosting our World Wine Travel group this month.  We have been exploring Spain all year long.  This month Jill invited us to visit Basque Country.  

I ordered up a bottle of  Txakolina Rosé and had planned on pairing it with Beer Battered Perch.  When John invited us over to celebrate Kirsten's birthday with a Fish Fry, I decided to wait and bring it with me over there.

woman holding catfish

Fishing was one of the activities that John and Kirsten enjoyed doing together.  They live on the water and every nice morning would find them out in the boat angling.  I'm sure she threw this huge old catfish back into the water.  My Pops would have brought it home and smoked it.  Smoked Catfish is pretty darn good.

We had a wonderful party in her honor with family and friends.  John fried up the fish and everyone brought a dish to pass.  I provided appetizers and desserts.  

dessert and appetizer collage

I also brought along this bottle of  Hiruzta Rosé from Basque Country.  Basque Country is an autonomous community located in Northern Spain.  Located on the Bay of Biscay it is well known for it's seafood.  I am a firm believer in "what grows together, goes together" but in this case I decided to combine our cultures and serve up this Spanish wine with Freshwater Fish.

Spanish Txakolina Rosé

This wine pours a little bit fizzy due to some carbolic gas.  This gas comes from a method of winemaking called Carbonic Maceration where the wine maker ferments whole grapes in a carbon dioxide rich environment before crushing.

The name Hiruzta in Basque means "a three person harvest".  In this case it refers to winery owners, Asensio Rekalde and his sons Txarli and Angel.  The Rekaldes have been working to restore the areas Txakoli Heritage and now have nine vineyards in the Jaizkebal foothills.  (

The wine pours a clear light cranberry and is filled with the scent of berries.  It is acidic and, like all Rosé, very food friendly.

It paired well not only with the fish and all the fixin's but also with the appetizers and snacks before dinner.  It was too dry to pair nicely with the desserts but it was gone by then anyway LOL....I did share with others. I also brought along a couple of bottles of Michigan wine to share since Jill is also hosting our #WinePW event this month featuring Wines of Midwest USA.  Stay tuned for that.

We are all gathering tomorrow at 11 AM ET for Twitter chat to talk about the Basque wines we tried and the pairings we made.  We would love for you to join us.  You will find us easily by following #WorldWineTravel.  Below is a list of topics that we will be discussing.  Hope to see you there.


  1. Again we found the same producer! My wine was white rather than rose, but it was delicious! I'm not sure how you were able to share with others! I would have finished the bottle alone, if I had not needed to share with Michael! LOL! I bet the fish was delicious with this!

    1. It was very nice Robin. I would like to try more wines from this family.

  2. I love walleye. I haven't seen one before. My grandfather would go fishing "up north" and bring them home. It was the only fish I would eat as a kid. Such memories!

    1. They look like big perch. I love both perch and walleye but prefer perch if I have a choice.

  3. That smile on Kirsten says it all. I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend! I can't wait to get my hands on that bottle of wine. It sounds delicious.

    1. Thank you Cam. I sure do miss her. You do need to try a bottle of this wine.

  4. This sounds like a wine I would enjoy Wendy. The fish fry sounds delightful!


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