Friday, September 4, 2020

The End of Summer and the Weekly Menu

Holy is already Labor Day....I know that summer isn't really over until the end of September but the Teen starts school on Tuesday so in my mind.....summer is over.

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We live in Michigan so while we may still have a few weeks of warmth, the weather will slowly turn fall-like.  This makes me happy because fall is my favorite season.

For this Labor Day though we are still celebrating Summer with a poolside family dinner on Saturday and friends for dinner on Sunday. We will leave the pool open and heated for a couple of more weeks.  After that we will turn off the heater.  I'm not sure when we will get the pool closed.....I'm going to have to enlist some help this year.

I'll worry about that when the time comes and today I will just worry about what we're going to eat for this week.  On the blog we are celebrating Fall Flavors all week long.  I have 5 wonderful recipes that I'll be sharing along with recipes for Bread Bakers and Eat the World. Make sure you stop by each day and join in the fun.

Saturday-Family Dinner
Garden Salad
Grilled Steaks
Sweet Potato Planks

Sunday-Kim and Kurt
Blackened Salmon (freshly caught and cooked by Kurt)
New Potatoes tossed with Fresh Herbs
Summer Squash Medley

Meatless Monday
Vegetable Foccacia (Moved from prior week)

Taco Tuesday
Leftover Steak and Chicken Fajitas

Pork in Tomato Sauce
Sauteed Potatoes
Green Beans

Hot dogs
Baked Beans
Corn on the Cob

Fish Friday
Tuna Mac

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