Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cazuela and Concha y Toro Merlot #MerlotMe

I received samples of Merlot Wines to celebrate #MerlotMe month.  I received no monetary compensation.  All writings, thoughts, content and opinions are strictly my own.

This thick, hearty stew filled with classic Chilean flavors was the perfect pairing for my last Merlot pairing for the month.

October is #MerlotMe month.  Each year we celebrate the wonderful flavors of Merlot Wine.......

Most of the Merlot that I drink comes from California and Sonoma Valley that is suffering with the terrible wild fires again as I write this post.  My heart is saddened by the havoc and destruction being wreaked.  

Mandatory and voluntary evacuation areas for the Tick Fire

You can learn more about the devastation in this article by Time.  It is also where I got a copy of the map above showing the areas affected at the moment.  And this article tells how you can help.  So many of us, including myself, have family and friends who live in the area.  Please keep all of those affected in your prayers.

Another way you can help is by supporting the area businesses by going out and purchasing a bottle of Sonoma Merlot or other varietal.  I have some great suggestions in my first #MerlotMe post, written prior to this year's fires.

I showcased all the California Merlots in that first post but today I am sharing a bottle of  Casillero del Diablo Merlot from Chile.  This wine is produced by Concha y Toro who is working to connect wine fans around the world!

Merlot was first used as a blending grape for the wines of Bordeaux, France.  It became popular here in the USA as a varietal but then, like many things that become very popular, they were overproduced and the wine quality suffered.  The California winemakers decided to fix this problem and it has worked.  The wines they are serving now have jumped from 7th in popularity in 1990 to second in 2010.  

I wanted to find a Chilean dish to serve with this Merlot from Chile.  The Casillero del Diablo poured a deep purple and had notes of spice and smoke on the nose.  It is medium bodied and very fruity.  I found a recipe for Cazuela, a Chilean stew at Artisan Recipes an website provided by the California Wine Club.  I then proceeded to ruin it.  

I decided to make my recipe in a slow cooker as I had a busy day of running errands.  It was a mistake.  The stew cooked way to long and was nothing but mush........delicious mush but mush none the less.

So I am not going to share my recipe with you but please link up to the recipe by the California Wine Club and try it with a bottle of Casillero del Diablo Merlot.  I plan on remaking this recipe very soon as instructed in the original.  

Have an amazing Sunday everyone.  Join me next week as we start sharing Holiday Side Dishes in time for you to start planning your menus.  


  1. Oh ! I have had so many recipe fails! The worst I think was using salt accidentally instead of sugar! UGH - that was beyond awful!! LOL

    1. Oh, so funny Lori, I can imagine your face when you tasted it LOL.


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