Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bacon and Cherry Studded French Toast Casserole #CrazyIngredientChallenge #FantasticalFoodFight

I cannot believe there is less than one week left before Christmas.  I still have shopping to do!!!

Frank has gone to get our Little Miss Melody this morning.  Today is going to be shopping day.  Fortunately, we have a Mall about an hour north of us that is relatively quiet, even during the holidays.  We will, hopefully, get the rest of our Christmas shopping finished.  We'll also stop to see Santa and ride the Carousel.

Luckily, it is a couple hour round trip to go and get our Princess, so that gives me time to make a good, hearty breakfast  that will sustain us during our shopping spree.

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I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to squeeze in another blogging event this month. Then I "opened my basket" and found some Bacon and Maraschino Cherries from Crazy Ingredient Challenge and some Eggnog from Fantastical Food Fight. I knew that not only would I be able to kick out one more event but I could take care of two in one post.  I love when that happens!

We had our friends, Kim and Kurt over for dinner last night.  When they left we took care of the dishes and I threw together a French Toast Casserole so it would be ready to go into the oven this morning.

I had served Hawaiian King dinner rolls with our soup and salad.  I used 4 of them for this recipe that made enough for 2 hearty servings or 3 servings if one of the diners is a toddler.

I cooked up a package of bacon.  Six slices were cut into large dice and added to this dish.  Four slices were crumbled and added to our salad last night.  Two slices found their way into my belly and the rest are in the refrigerator to be used another time.  My bacon comes in one pound packages so we often have leftovers now that there are only two of us.

Instead of making a custard, I added a couple of cups of eggnog to the mixture, turned it into a pie plate and let it refrigerate overnight.

Frank called to let me know he was on the way back home and into the oven it went.  When they walked into the door it was smelling pretty darn good in this house.

Breakfast was enjoyed by all and now we are heading out for the day.  Keep your fingers crossed that I find the perfect gift for everyone on my list.

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  1. This is surely a very festive breakfast for the holidays!

  2. I love the flavor combination. Cherry and eggnog and bacon? YUM!!

  3. LOVE this. Way to squeeze in one more event this crazy, busy month! It looks delicious, too.

  4. What a great idea!!! Way to combine two events into one dish! Good luck with the shopping!

    1. Thanks Karen, I'll be hitting the stores again tomorrow it seems.

  5. Oh my goodness...what's not to love about this??? Bacon and eggnog...I think I've died and gone to holiday heaven!!!

  6. Now see, I'm totally on board with bacon and cherries in French Toast! YUM!

  7. Very creative Wendy! It looks delicious!

  8. Love that you can prep this overnight and then just bake in the morning.


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