Saturday, December 16, 2017

Santa Claus Came to Town......

Santa Claus comes to visit us each year.  We gather all of the Dubrul Clan together during December so that we can spend time during the holidays.  Our parents had 6 children all of whom had children of our own.  We have grown quite large as you might imagine.

My brother, Larry, is the eldest.  He and his two sons, Scott and Chad,  live in California.  His grandchildren, Quinn, Jack and Molly were with us in our hearts.  We hope, one year to have them all here in person for our Santa party.

Next born was my brother, Gary.  He had two daughters, Stephanie and Denise.  Each of whom gave him a grandchild.

This is Gary's grandson, Gavin.  He belongs to Denise.

This is Sterling.  She belongs to Gary's daughter, Stephanie.

The third son is my brother, Dick.  He had 2 sons, Kevin and Jim. He and his wife also adopted their nephew and niece, Jack and Jennifer, when they were young and lost their Mom.  Jack recently married Maranda, who has 3 fine sons, unfortunately they were unable to join us today.

But we had Dylan, the eldest of my parent's great grandchildren, being a good sport about having his photo taken with Santa.

And our Abby-Girl who is becoming our Abby-Woman before our very eyes. 
She and Dylan belong to my niece, Jen.

Kevin's daughter, Breanna, is growing up fast as well.

Breanna's brother, Devin, was able to work up a smile for Santa even though he wasn't feeling very well for the party.

Jim's son, Carter, completes the family photos of Dick and Jackie's grand-kids.

My brother, Dan, was next in line.  Dan had 4 children.  His eldest, Dan Jr. is in heaven with his Dad. His second son, Doug, was able to attend the party.  His daughter, Amanda, is living in Texas and his son, David, was not able to attend.

This is Dan's granddaughter, MacKenzie, she belongs to my nephew, Doug.  She makes my heart sing each time I see her.

I am next in line in my family.  The second daughter of my parents.  The first child, a girl, born before my brother Larnzy, died shortly after birth.  I gave my parents Amy and Chuck.  Then I married Frank and gave them Anthony and Nicole.  Then we gave them Marina from Russia, Dian from Denmark, Tingting from China, Zoey from Denmark and Max from Germany.  I have been blessed with two grandchildren.  My Little Miss Melody whose Mama is Tingting and Jordan whose Daddy is Dian.  Jordan lives in Denmark.  Chuck is in Virginia.  Amy had another obligation today. Anthony and Nicole both had to work but........

My little Angel Face was here in all her glory.

The baby of the family, Dawn, has three boys, Jim, Jake and Ryan.  Jim has blessed her with 2 granddaughters.   Teaghyn was unable to spend the day with us and we missed her terribly.

Aurora wasn't sure about getting on Santa's lap but she was sure interested in the package he had for her.

It was a wonderful party.  It always is and it is always my favorite party of the Christmas season.  There is nothing I love more than a house full of kids.  It is what Christmas is all about and I am grateful that all of my nieces, nephews and children find time in their busy schedules to give me this day with their children.

They are all getting so big so fast. 
 I hope they never outgrow the magic of the Christmas spirit and that I am always blessed enough to spend one day with all of them each year.

Thank you Santa and Mrs. Claus.  May God bless and keep you.


  1. What a lovely post and a wonderful tradition.

    1. Thank you Karen, it is my favorite get together of the entire year.


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