Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Shark; An Audible Book Review and an Early Weekly Menu

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This is the first of a new series, The Forgotten Files, by Mary Burton.  It is a police drama mystery series dealing with long past unsolved cases.

In this first novel, Riley Tatum, a Virginia State Trooper, finds herself eerily caught up in a murder that is somehow related to her past.

As a teenager, Riley, had fled a dysfunctional home and found herself vulnerable and on the streets of New Orleans. She awakes, drugged, on a bus in Virginia and is saved by a couple who have put their sordid past behind them and now spend their lives saving young girls who are looking for a safe haven.

Many of these girls find themselves drug addicted and forced into prostitution.  Riley, realizing that there but by the grace of God, is where she would have been, works with the couple, Duke and Maria, to save as many of these lost souls as possible.

Now, someone is killing these girls and leaving playing cards in their pockets.....the same as Riley had found in her pocket when she awoke in that bus station.

It is a disturbing story as it strikes on such truth and sadness in this world where, unfortunately, young girls find themselves in situations where they don't see a way out.  Society is quick to write off these victims as the criminals, instead of recognizing that they are just trying to survive in a cold, cruel world.

I have ordered up the next novel in the series.

I am posting my Weekly Menu today because I don't know that I will get an opportunity to spend time with it over the weekend.  Our weekend is pretty full already and it isn't even here yet.

Tomorrow, we are helping Lily move from her dorm into an apartment.  She and her Mom, Jen, will be spending the night at our house before heading back north where Lil will enjoy her winter break and the holidays with her family.  The whole family will be back down after the New Year and that is when we will have our Christmas celebration with them.

Saturday, we have a very special guest coming for lunch.  Santa will be popping in to see all the greats.  There are 14 great grandkids in this family and 10 of them will be coming to the party.   We will miss our Quinn, Jack and Molly who live in California and our little Teaghyn Lou who is not going to be attending.

Sunday we are having our family Christmas Dinner.  Chuck won't be home this year as he is heading to Amsterdam right after Christmas.  Anthony's gal, Jamie, is  unable to attend and Tingting isn't sure if she can make it both Saturday and Sunday as it's a crazy time of year for her too and she has things that she needs to finish up for the holidays as well.  Keeping our fingers crossed that she gets her errands done in time to join us for a short while.  

Monday, Kurt and Kim are coming over for dinner.  Wednesday is the Christmas Basket Distribution for the Food Pantry.  Thursday, we are hosting the Choir Christmas Party.  

Then we are at the weekend and will have Friday and Saturday to run any last minute errands and finish up any shopping before the Christ child arrives.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.  The Weekly Menu not only helps us to eat each day, it helps me, during this busy time, to retain some semblance of control.  Planning and writing it down, calms me and quiets my mind.

I will be posting each day and sharing recipes and photos.  I hope you find some down time for yourself to stop by and say hello.

Saturday-Santa Party
Baked Pasta
Salad Bar
Asst. Bread and Rolls
Birthday Cake for Jesus (Provided by Steph)
Christmas Cookies

Sunday- Family Dinner
Mom Klik's Mushroom Soup
White Bean Salad
Orecchiette with Butternut Squash
Roast Pork Loin
Roasted Root Vegetables
Pineapple Upside Down Bundt Cake

Monday-Friends for Dinner
Mushroom Soup (I will make extra on Sunday)
Tossed Salad (with ingredients bought for salad bar)
Pan Seared Filet Mignon 
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Broccoli
Christmas Cookies

Toddler Tuesday
Leftover Pasta

Dinner out after Basket Distribution

Thursday-Choir Pot Luck
Cocktails, Beer and Wine-Frank
Chicken Marsala-Wendy
Everything else-Everyone else

Who knows.....I'm tired......


  1. I love the Toddler Tuesday!! I'm tired just reading all this. I am sitting here with my fingers crossed that Darian will be home for Christmas. He hopes to be. But things in the Army are on 'stand-by' due to the fact we have a mouthy unstable president. Hope I don't offend anyone. But don't mess with my soldier!! Menu looks fabulous and I know that what family you have there they will have a marvelous time!

    1. No worries about offending anyone here. We are each entitled to our own opinion and you know where I stand. Keeping my fingers crossed as well.

  2. P. S. The books looks really good too!


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