Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A DIY Happy Halloween to You.......

Happy Halloween everyone.  I hope your day is hauntingly wonderful and eerily exciting.  We actually have our Little Angel Face today.  She has already been trick or treating 4 or 5 times with her Mama but I think we will take her out for a little bit today anyway.

We don't get any beggars at our house.  We live in a rural area where the houses are too far apart, the streets are not lit, there are no sidewalks and the speed limit on our road is 45 mph.  However, we are only a few blocks from town and the local police shut down the streets in the area so that the kids can safely beg there and then the Lion's club has a big bonfire and hot dog roast when the designated time for begging is over.

Frank and I attended a Halloween Party last Saturday evening.  We did not dress up but we did take part in the pumpkin carving contest.

While Frank worked on the pumpkin, I went onto the computer and found a poem about witches.  There was no credit listed for the author of the poem, it was simply listed as a children's poem.  I copied it down and typed it out using some spooky fonts and background.

I picked up a black frame, a raven and a bag of creepy crawlies from the dollar store.  Then it was
simply a matter of printing out the poem and hot gluing the raven and other creatures to the frame.

It was an enjoyable morning project.  This is the first time we have carved pumpkins in about 10 years.  Next year,  Melody will be old enough to join in the fun.  We are looking forward to that.

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