Thursday, April 22, 2021

Celebrating Earth Day with L'Ecole Syrah #L'Ecole #Sponsored

I had great plans for this Syrah from L'Ecole.  Posting on Earth Day as I am, I had planned on making an evironmentally friendly, local and organic meal to pair with this amazing wine that I received as a gift for being chosen as an ambassador for L'Ecole Wines. 

L'Ecole Wines

Then, as often is the case, life got in the way of my plans.  I ran out of time to make that dinner and do a formal pairing before it was time for our ambassador zoom meeting.  We left for vacation on Sunday, driving down to Florida's Universal Studios from Michigan.  We planned on a two day trip, stopping in Knoxville on Sunday night and then traveling the rest of the way to Orlando on Monday. 

The Zoom meeting was scheduled for 7 pm on Monday.  I packed my bottle of wine and thought I would pick up some nice cheese and charcuterie to enjoy during the meeting.  It became apparant that this wasn't going to happen.  So then I decided that I would join in the Zoom meeting while en route to our resort and then follow up with my plan of charcuterie and cheese with the wine.

Then we stopped to get gas before the Zoom meeting was scheduled and our credit card was declined so I spent the time that I was supposed to be in the meeting on the phone with a bank rep explaining that we had tried to go on line to advise of travel plans but the website said that was no longer necessary.  I managed to get into the last few minutes of the meeting....long enough to say hi and bye to the others.

Then, just to add a little more stress to the day, the Teen and her friend told us they thought they had lice.  So now we had to stop at the drug store and get treatment to apply when we finally arrived at the resort.  We also had 4 loads of laundry to wash, dry and fold so that any of those little buggers that might be in their suitcases were destroyed.  

L'Ecole Syrah

So here we are....It's 1:20 AM.  The laundry is done, the girls are deloused and I am FINALLY enjoying a glass of this wine in a plastic glass with some peanut butter pretzels.   

I am happy that I am an ambassador for L'Ecole wines because otherwise I would have not had this bottle to help rid me of the stress of the 2 days of travel.  By the time we arrived at the resort which, as we had hoped, is a very family friendly resort, all the bars were closed for the night.  Luckily, we were still able to open this wine, clink our plastic glasses and let the vacation commence!!

I still have another bottle of this Syrah at home.  After tasting it and enjoying the deep, smooth, and fruit forward flavors I can't wait to serve up the next bottle with some grilled meat.  Sorry, I know it is Earth Day....I will make certain the meat is sustainable, humanely raised, and local.  I will get it from my friends, the Ruemenapps, who take care to raise the very best meats that they can.  

In the meanwhile you can learn about L'Ecoles organic, sustainable growing practices on their website.  

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