Saturday, February 1, 2020

Preparing for Confirmation and the Weekly Meny

It's an exciting time in our family right now.  Tomorrow our Teen, Marissa, receives the Sacrament of Confirmation and Friday is our daughter, Nicole's, birthday. 

Some of you may recall that 2 years ago while celebrating the Mass for the students receiving this Sacrament the Holy Spirit came down upon Frank during the Bishop's homily and instructed him to bring Marissa into our family.

I wrote about that experience and how we came to adopt a teenager in this article.  Should you read this article,  you will see that we were planning on adopting two children as Marissa has a younger sister, however, that plan changed when the sister's long standing foster parents decided that they wanted to adopt the sister but not Marissa. Needless to say this is devastating for our girl.

But, she has survived yet another huge blow and is adapting very well to her new life with us.  She does well in school, she is on the bowling team and cheer team, she has a lot of friends and is starting to realize that this IS her forever home.  We are excited to help celebrate this Sacrament in which she enters fully into the Catholic faith.  We will be having a gathering with family and friends following the Mass. 

The Teen always asks for Chicken Enchiladas when we are having a celebration for her. This time is no different so I made up a Menu for tomorrow's feast and I will share some recipes and photos of the party during the week.  

In the meantime, here is our Weekly Menu....hope to see you soon.....

Tepsi Baytinijan (Iraqi Casserole)

See above Menu

Meatless Monday
Mushroom and Spinach Frittata


Green Gumbo
Trinity Rice

Greek Chicken Pasta

Out for Nicole's Birthday Dinner


  1. What a special time for you family. Congratulations to all and I hope they're wonderful celebrations.


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