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5 Ingredient Almond Butter Mini Bundts #BundtBakers

These adorable little mini bundts take only 5 ingredients and minutes to put together.  Baked up in little cupcake size little bundt pans they are ready to enjoy in less than half an hour and is completely gluten free.

We are serving up cakes that only take 5 ingredients this month over at Bundt Bakers.......

When Patricia of Patty's Cake asked us to create a bundt cake using only 5 ingredients I was pretty stymied.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to come up with something but then I found a recipe for a flourless cake and figured I would give it a shot.

The recipe said that this made one 6" cake or one 9x5" loaf.  I used my cupcake size bundt pan and filled six cavities.  I should have filled 9 because they rose like muffins.  I also did not include the chocolate chips in the ingredient amount because they are optional and not necessary to the recipe.

Having this challenge turned out to be very advantageous.  My Angel Face has suffered from eczema since she was an infant.  We hoped she would out grow it but so far she hasn't.  Her Mama decided to cut gluten from her diet for a while to see if this helps as she noticed it seems to get worse after eating gluten.  I was happy to have this gluten free treat available for her when she visited.

I had to do a little trimming but they turned out adorable.  I will be making this again, experimenting with different flavor profiles and filling the cavities only half full.  I think macadamia nut butter and coconut sounds like it would be amazing.

Let's see what the others created with only 5 Ingredients.......


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Yield: 9 servings

Gluten Free 5 Ingredient Almond Butter Cakes

Gluten Free 5 Ingredient Almond Butter Cakes

These adorable little mini bundts take only 5 ingredients and minutes to put together. Baked up in little cupcake size little bundt pans they are ready to enjoy in less than half an hour and is completely gluten free.
prep time: 5 Mcook time: 20 Mtotal time: 25 M


  • 1/2 c. almond butter
  • 1/2 c. sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 t. baking soda
  • 1 t. almond extract
  • 1/2 c. chocolate chips (optional)


How to cook Gluten Free 5 Ingredient Almond Butter Cakes

  1. Place all ingredients, except chocolate chips (if using) into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment.  Cream together until smooth.  Turn the speed to low and stir in the chocolate chips (if using).
  2. Turn into a 6" cake pan, loaf pan, or muffin tins that have been treated with baking spray.  If using bundt cake muffin tins only fill the cavity to halfway.
  3. Bake in a preheated 350* oven until a skewer inserted removes cleanly, 15-20 minutes for muffin sized cakes.


Adapted from a recipe fount at My Heart Beets
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  1. This was a fascinating challenge - your little bundts look wonderful and so glad they were a tasty treat you could share with Angel Face! It's so hard cutting gluten out, but I hope it helps her! Lindsey had bouts of eczema off and on when she was little, but thankfully she did grow out of hers.

    1. I think they are about the same age. When did Lindsey outgrow hers Rebekah?

  2. I'm a little terrified of doing GF recipes. I am glad yours turned out so well.

    1. Well you make lots of gluten free recipes. A lot of the recipes we make are naturally gluten free. This just happens to be a flourless cake recipe.

  3. Yumola, I'd love to have one (maybe 2) after dinner today.

  4. I have quite a few naturally gluten free recipes I like but most include ground nuts aka nut flours rather than nut butters. I can't wait to give this one a try, Wendy!

  5. How delicious your little cakes are, here in Spain I can't find almond butter ...
    I would love to eat them.

    1. If you can find almonds you can make your own almond butter in a heavy duty blender or food processor. Or make these with any nut butter you happen to have on hand and substitute vanilla for the almond extract.


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