Friday, May 1, 2015

Wow.....May already!!! Time for the Weekly Menu.

We ended up eating out on Wednesday and Thursday last week.  Our choir practice was switched from Thursday to Wednesday and I had food pantry on Wednesday so we grabbed dinner in between. Last night we met Amy and Doug to help them move some furniture and grabbed dinner afterwards.
We are having dinner at home tonight though and I'm making the fish tacos that are on the menu so stay tuned for that recipe.

Tomorrow is our anniversary so Frank and I will probably go out for dinner somewhere.  It's supposed to be a nice day so we are hoping to get some yard work done during the day.

Sunday, we are picking up Mom Klik and attending a concert at our church, then we will take her out to dinner.  We suffered a tragic death in our family so we will be stopping by the funeral parlor before we take Mom Klik home.

Monday is Frank's birthday.  We have the funeral Mass in the morning and then I will be making him his favorite dinner.  Well, one of his favorites, Chicken Marsala. His other favorite is Filet Mignon but I am guessing he will have that for dinner when we go out for our Anniversary.

Tuesday is Cinco de Mayo so, of course, we are having Mexican!  Wednesday is choir, Thursday I have a meeting at the church and Friday, Amy and Doug are taking us out for Frank's Birthday and Mother's day.

That's our week in a nutshell.  It is also #BrunchWeek 2015 so each day a slew of us are sharing brunch recipes.  You are, for sure, going to want to check that out.  I will be sharing our Weekly Menu at MPM where you will find tons of menu ideas.

Out for dinner for our Anniversary

Taking Mom Klik out for dinner

Chicken Marsala
Fettucinne Alfredo
Glazed Carrots

Salsa Chicken
Mexican Rice

Meatball Subs (Moved over from last week)

Frank's in charge of dinner

Out with Amy and Doug


  1. Another busy week in your life and a wonderful menu to go along with it. Happy Anniversary to both of you. And Happy Birthday to Frank. May is a celebration at your house!!!!

    1. It sure is Paula. We are still working on the trip to Kansas. Frank says it will cost about $800 in fuel to fly there ourselves so maybe I will look at commercial flights and see what I can find.

    2. The closet commercial airport to us is Wichita Kansas. Our little airport here doesn't land commercial planes. We have all the time in world Wendy. Maybe if we wait until fall it will give you more time to save.

    3. We'll see. Frank has now decided he is not retiring so our financial situation has changed again LOL. I will keep you updated!!

  2. I understand. Maybe the kids and I can come your way. They've never been to That part of the country


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