Saturday, May 9, 2015

Let's celebrate Cinco de Mayo with #WinePW

The theme for this month Wine Pairing, as chosen by Christie of Confessions of a Culinary Diva, is pairing wines with Mexican food.  I LOVE Mexican but I usually pair it with Margaritas or Cervezas so it was a challenge for me to come up with a pairing.  

My first thought was Sangria but I had just posted my Sangria Punch and didn't want to revisit it again so soon.  Then I found this bottle of wine from Spain.  Since Spanish and Mexican flavors are similar, I thought a wine from Spain would do the trick.  I also loved that this wine was made from "old vines".  I am including a description from the winemaker.

"The grapes used for making Nisia are 100 percent Verdejo from vines with an average age of 50 years. This wine is very fresh and perfect for pairing with seafood. The vineyards are located in gravelly soils with boulders and clay subsoil. The harvest is done by hand and cluster selection is also done manually. Nisia is a fully organic wine since only organic fertilizer is used in the vineyards." —winemaker

I did not use seafood for this recipe, however I can see how that would be delicious as well.  I chose to make Vegetable Quesadillas to serve with this wine and I was happy with the choice. 

The wine was fruity with a slight mossy or mineral taste to it that was not unpleasant and paired well with the vegetables. I

 I topped the quesadillas with some fresh salsa and sour cream and it was a wonderful and casual meal for Cinco de Mayo or anytime you want a fast and delicious meal.

Let's see how the others celebrated!!

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  1. Great pairing! We've tried the Nisia before and I can see how it would be great with a vegetable quesadilla.

    Like you, I usually veer towards a margarita, sangria or cerveza for Mexican food - it was fun to break out of the rut and try something new.

    Thanks for participating this month!

    1. Thanks for hosting Christy. I enjoyed learning a new wine and expanding my horizons.

  2. Always up to test new wine!

  3. Sounds like a light and refreshing pairing and a great way to go meatless. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds like a light and refreshing pairing and a great way to go meatless. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Easy, light, and healthy! Thanks for sharing this, Wendy.

  6. Thanks for sharing a meatless meal! It sounded great.

  7. Veggie quesadillas, great idea for a quick dinner. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  8. This sounds like a wonderfully refreshing meal and pairing!

  9. Your pairing sounds like a good one Wendy! I've had a few Verdejo that I've enjoyed and found them to be quite food friendly. I do think there is something special about old vines that translates into better wine.


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