Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Mr. Church-The Round Up #MoviesandMunchies

 I chose the 2016 film Mr. Church for the May Movie and Munchies film. Let's take a look at what everyone thought of it and what recipes it inspired.

Mr. Church

Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures was first up with this scrumptious sounding Pork Loin with Creamy Garlic Herb Sauce.

Pork Loin

Amy says "Overall, the story was enjoyable but bittersweet and loosely based on a real friendship. And since much of the movie revolved around food, there was no shortage of inspiration."   

She took her inspiration for this recipe from a scene at the beginning of the movie when Mr. Church is preparing a pork roast with fresh herbs.

I think this dish looks film worthy Amy, thanks for joining me this month.

Cam of Culinary Cam also joined in the fun.  She was surprised by this movie on many levels, as was I. 

Apple Jack Pie

Cam made this fun and creative Apple Jack Pie sharing that she was inspired by a food that bookends the movie: Apple Jacks.  

I love that she didn't actually use Apple Jacks in her pie but rather used Apples and Jack.....very clever Cam!!!

Debra of Eliot's Eats also joined me in watching the film this month.  Debra and I are in several groups together and she is one of the administrators for our Cook the Books Club that often finds itself sharing the spotlight with this group.

Apple Cream Tart

Debra enjoyed the movie and shared this lovely Apple Cream Tart saying "I think there’s a couple of apple pies featured in the film so that is what I went with. I while back, I posted a Pomegranate Curd Tart and I mentioned I wanted to make an apple pie using that same crust. Ya’ll, I am in LOVE with this olive oil crust."

This crust does sound amazing and I cannot wait to try it!  Thanks Debra.

When I watched the film, I also was inspired by the Apple Jack conversation at the beginning of the film and the touching scene when Mr. Church and Charlotte share Apple Jack cereal before she leaves for college.  

Apple Jack Cookies

I was inspired to make Apple Jack Cookies.  You will find my review of the movie in the same post. I enjoyed this movie very much and would recommend it without hesitation.

Join us next month as we watch Best in Show hosted by Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures.


  1. I love these "clubs" that we're in b/c I'm introduced to movies and books that I never would have found otherwise. Thanks for hosting! Love all of these recipes!


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