Friday, March 31, 2023

Hidden Figures Roundup; The Reviews and the Recipes #MoviesandMunchies

I asked the others to join me this month in watching the film, Hidden Figures, and posting a recipe that it inspired them to make.

Hidden Figures

Continue reading to see their thoughts about this movie and the foods they were inspired to make.....
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Movies and Munchies is a Facebook group that began when another group to which many of us belonged, Food and Flix, disbanded.   Anyone who would like to join in the fun on any given month is invited.  You can let us know on our Facebook page that you would like to join in, watch the film and post a photo of a dish that you were inspired to make from the film.  Not a blogger?  No problem.  You can post your photo on Instagram, just make sure that you link that post in our Event page so that the host knows to include you in the roundup at the end of the month.  

Waffle Battered Fried Chicken

I led off the fun this month with a recipe for Waffle Battered Fried Chicken.  I LOVE this movie which should come as no surprise since I chose it LOL.  


Amy of Amy's Cooking Adventures followed close on my heels with her Easiest Buttermilk Drop Biscuits.  Amy not only watched the film but she also read the book and shared many interesting tidbits of information with us that we did not get from the movie. 

Laminated Biscuits

Cam of Culinary Cam also was inspired to make biscuits.  She laminated hers and added some candied bacon to them.  She also shared a recipe for Southern Style Greens.  


Cam says "We know there were greens because the kids objected; I opted to share Southern-Style Greens with some Laminated Bacon Biscuits."

Debra of Eliot's Eats had not watched the movie before.  I was very glad that she enjoyed it, so much so that she plans on reading the book.

Cookies with a Kick

Debra decided to make Cookies with a Kick.  Debra noted that there was a lot of coffee consumed in the film as well as moonshine and whiskey.  This inspired her to add both of these ingredients to these luscious sounding Oatmeal Cookies.

Debra is also hosting our Movies and Munchies event next month.  She has chosen Eat Pray Love.  I read the book many many years ago and look forward to watching the film.   You are welcome to join in the fun.  You don't have to be a food blogger but you do have to share a recipe that you were inspired to make while watching the movie.  If you don't blog you can post photos on instagram and leave a note on our Facebook Page so Debra can include you in the Round Up.

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