Friday, October 5, 2018

A Productive Week and The Weekly Menu

Yes, I know I didn't need another pan but it was on sale and I couldn't resist.  Besides it was worth the big smile from Marissa and her friends when they walked into the house after school the other day and they saw this cute little guy made with boxed brownie mix, canned frosting and sprinkles.

We have been busy around here.  Building.  Baking. Planning. Preparing.  Come inside and see what we've been up to.........

Fall is in the air and I am happy.  I will admit that I wasn't real happy at the get go this year.  September ended and October began with gray skies, rain, rain and even more rain.

But the last few days?  Ahhhhh, sunshine, cooler temps and the smell of Fall in the air.  That's what I'm talking about.  This is my kind of Fall.  I immediately want to start baking, decorating and planning outings.

We haven't gotten to decorating the outside yet, nor have we closed the pool.  The weather was too yucky at first and then, as soon as it cleared up, Frank was able to finish this project that he had started as a surprise for Marissa.

She had been over to a friends and saw her vanity and sent me a photo saying "I really need one of these".  I thought great, perhaps a Christmas present.  Then I went on line and saw how outrageously they were priced.  Frank, on the other hand, looked at the text, went out to the barn to see what kind of scraps he had and sat down to draw out plans.  It ended up costing us about $100.00 and that includes the stool and some sparkly glass jars to hold her brushes and tubes of makeup. 

I also had a great mail day this week when I got a package from Gonzalez Byass to help me celebrate International Sherry Week starting October 8th.  I am not at all familiar with Sherry.  I am excited to open these bottles and share my findings with you on social media.  You will learn everything you need to know about sherry and the vintners making it by following #nternationalsherryweek on your favorite social media channel all week long.

Tonight, the football game is an away game.  Marissa will be heading out with the players and the rest of the Cheer Team.  Frank and I will be having a quiet night at home.

Tomorrow afternoon, Frank and I are attending a wine tasting at one of our local restaurants.  In the evening we will be dropping Marissa off at a friend's for a birthday sleepover and enjoying a date night out at a new restaurant I have been wanting to try. 

Sunday afternoon we are planning a trip to the Cider Mill.  Marissa's sister will be joining us for the outing.  

The rest of the week is our new normal except for Thursday and Friday when Marissa has half days at school and we have Parent-Teacher Conferences to attend.  We are going to be spending this week preparing for a Bonfire Party at our house following a trip to a Haunted Hayride with some of Marissa's friends on Saturday.

So here is what I'm serving up for dinner this week.  What are you doing fun this weekend?  

Date Night 

Caesar Salad

Out for Dinner

Toddler Taco Tuesday 

Chicken and Noodles


Leftovers before Football


  1. I'm loving how Marissa is settling in. Those brownies look so fun!

    1. Thanks Karen, we had our first mother/daughter stand off yesterday. We ended up in a compromise....I think this is working out fine.

  2. You have settled right back into parenting! Good for you. The vanity is adorable. I have an 'unused' sitting in Harley's old bedroom. She didn't want to take it with her. I will probably just sell it. So many good memories of her sitting there and playing with make-up!

    1. I forgot about the whole make up thing LOL....That vanity is filled and last night we had to stop at 5 Below so she could get makeup LOL.


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