Saturday, January 20, 2018

Life is Constantly Changing and so is my Weekly Menu

Last Saturday, we ended up going out to dinner with John and Kirsten after Mass.  That means the chili never got made.

Monday, we got an early start home due to weather so made dinner once we arrived home instead of stopping on the way home.  This was a good thing because I had half a rack of spare ribs left from the Cassoulet that I had made.  They got thrown into the Instant Pot with half a head of cabbage and some mushrooms that were languishing in the refrigerator and made a perfect meal after a long drive home.  Find the recipe here.

Since I had no leftover Chili the burritos on Wednesday never happened.  Instead I fried up 2 leftover Chicken Sausages from that same cassoulet with some onions and a portabella mushroom cap left over from making the Rustic Roasted Veggie Tart.

We did (finally) get our date night in yesterday.  It turned into a date day because the only opening for a couples massage using the gift card we got for our 25th anniversary was either at 2 or 3 pm.  We took the 3 pm appointment and headed down to the city early so that we could visit the wine store to get some wines for upcoming events.  We finished at the wine store early so we stopped in and had our son, Tony, who is a bartender, make us a pre massage cocktail.

I was reallllllly relaxed for my massage which was absolutely wonderful.  After our massages, we went back to the bar (as originally planned) for pre dinner cocktails.  Tony had gotten off work and Frank's sister, Roz, met us so we all enjoyed a drink together and had an hour to chit chat and catch up with each other's lives.

Frank and I then left and went to Ruth's Chris Steak House for dinner.  We had also been given a gift card for this restaurant at our Anniversary Party.  I had lamb chops and Frank had filet mignon.  We started with salads and shared an order of garlic mashed potatoes.  The food was very good and I have no complaints. 

That being said....I am not a fan of Ruth's Chris...I think their presentations are lacking.  I don't like having a plate of meat, without so much as a garnish, plopped in front of me.  Where is the beauty of a composed plate?  I'm just not a steak house fan, I guess...I am capable of preparing my own good meal...I want the ambiance and elegance of a beautiful meal in a beautiful setting.

Ruth's Chris did provide us with a small dessert to share and a photo of our evening to help us commemorate the event.  I thought this was a very nice touch.

After dinner, we went next door to the restaurant where our daughter, Nicole, manages and shared a real dessert.  We were home and in our jammies watching Blindspot by 9.  It was a very nice and much needed respite.

This week is a little quieter.  We went for Day 1 of C25K this morning.  I haven't ran in a loooooong time.  It kicked my butt!!!!  We have an absolutely free day today.  Frank is starting to work on my laundry area.

It is hard to get a shot of my laundry area.  It is in a hallway that leads off of our garage.  This hallway, as you walk into it has a closet containing the furnace and hot water heater, next to this is a cut out where the washer and dryer sit and across from the washer and dryer is a coat/utility closet.

The cupboards above the washer and dryer are useless to me as I am vertically impaired. Anything other than what is sitting in the front of the lower shelf is impossible for me to reach.  Frank is rectifying this after I showed him photos that one of my blogging friends posted on facebook.  Of course, I can't remember who posted it and I can't find the post now to give credit where credit is due.

Tomorrow, we may be going out to dinner with Kim and Kurt. Kurt has to work so it depends on how his day goes.

The rest of the week is typical except for Wednesday when we are taking dinner to Aunt Irene after we drop Melody off at her Mama's.

So here is the Weekly Menu.  Please stop by each day to see what's new here on the Farm.  I'm always happy to see you.


Dinner out?

Meatless Monday
Eggs in Hash Brown Nests

Taco (Toddler) Tuesday
Leftover Chili Burritos

Carry out at Aunt Irene's

Pork Roast
Roasted Root Vegetables

Fish Friday
Shrimp Tacos

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