Saturday, August 8, 2015

It has been one of those the Life on the Farm

Let me tell you about my day....

  • I got up and started working on a recipe for a food club post...EPIC FAIL
  • We moved the turkeys out of the garage and into their little coop and yard.
  • I came back in the house and round 2 of my recipe was burning.
  • Shadow found a bucket of old oil and ate it, then he came in and puked all over the couch.  Not one cushion but all 3 cushions and it ran down in between the cushions so I had to tear the couch apart and scrub the entire thing.  It still smells like old grease and has grease stains as well. I febreezed it and turn the stained parts facing down.  Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the the febreeze works.
  • I ran to my CSA and picked up my weekly bounty.
  • Then I went to my brother in law's to check on his kitty and bring in his mail as they are out of town.  I passed his house, so I backed up to go up the driveway and hit his mailbox, putting a huge scratch in my brand new (less than a month old) car and tore his mailbox right off the faux stone post.  Oh yeah, the mailbox is fine and can be reattached as soon as we get more brackets but the faux stone post....ruined!!  Now we have to figure out how to fix that before he gets home on Tuesday and we leave on Wednesday.  By we, I mean Frank, because I don't have a clue how I would fix something like that.
  • One of my turkeys came up missing.  As close as we can figure out, something (probably one of these ugly dogs that moved in with us) pulled the poor baby turkey out through the fence and ate it.  All we can find is a few little feathers.
  • I made some biscotti for Frank's students tomorrow.  He is holding another CPL class. The biscotti appear to have turned out nicely.  (That is the only good thing so far today)
  • I put the roast in the slow cooker for tomorrow's lunch for the class. French Dip Sandwiches and assorted salads.
  • I made dinner and wasn't sure how it was going to end up, seeing as how my day was going so far, but it was wonderful and so now that is two good things that have happened.  Three if you count the fact that the roast smells wonderful and so should turn out as well.
  • Four, if you include Frank, who is the most wonderful man in the world.  He went over to his brother's, took a look, came back and said I make mountains out of molehills and now he is out buying the stuff to make things right before Dan comes home and we have to leave.
  • I am sitting here having a glass of wine and feeling much better now that I have vented to all of you.  Thanks for listening. Life is pretty good after all.

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Strawberry Butter
adapted from Betty Crocker, Easy Entertaining

4 small chicken breasts, pounded to 1/2" each
juice of 1 small orange
2 T. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
2 T. butter, softened
4 strawberries, finely minced

Place orange juice, olive oil, salt and pepper into a sealable plastic bag and shake to combine.  Add chicken, press to remove air and place in refrigerator for an hour to marinade.

Combine butter and minced strawberries, place onto a piece of plastic wrap, roll into a tube and place in the refrigerator.

Grill the chicken over med high heat for 3-4 minutes a side until cooked through.  Place on serving platter, topping each chicken breast with a dollop of the strawberry butter.  Print Recipe

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  1. LOL! I know it is not nice to laugh, but I howled so loudly that I had to read the whole thing to Harley. Then she let me have it for laughing!! I can't help it. Sorry you had such a crappy day. And thank the Lord for Frank. He will make it all better!!

    1. He did Paula and tomorrow is another day. Don't fret about laughing, it beats crying any day of the week LOL

    2. Yep laughing is much better than crying. And when we can laugh at ourselves it is even better! Love you!


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