Saturday, August 29, 2015

Happy to be Home again and the Weekly Menu

Spent a wonderful day with Jen and Spence yesterday. When Frank's conferences were over we went into town and stopped by Fustini's for some olive oil and balsamic vinegar and to Cherry Republic where I grabbed some trail mix and cherry almond jam. We had lunch and then headed over to get Jen and Spence to go to Moomers for ice cream and then for a ride into Glen Arbor and Fish Town. We got Jen a birthday present, some smoked whitefish pate and garlic cheese made by Leelanau Cheese Company.  Then we went to Trattoria Stella for dinner.  It was delicious.

This morning we went into Maple City for breakfast at the Pegtown Station before packing up and heading south.  Karen had planned a wonderful dinner for us and we enjoyed baked spaghetti with salad.  The perfect ending to a perfect few days.

Tomorrow we will attend Mass and then Frank is taking Linda and Greg's Ukrainian daughter out for driving lessons.  Monday I am meeting my friend Cathy for lunch.  Tuesday I am taking Mom Klik to bingo and then we have a PPC welcome potluck being hosted by our friend Brigitte. I am making potato salad.  Wednesday is a free day....wooohoooooo.  Thursday we have a meeting with a real estate agent and Friday we are having our friends, the Nutters, over for dinner.

So here is my Weekly Menu, please stop by each day for recipes and photos.  We also have some great things coming up this week on the blog.  Monday we will be sharing our muffin and tailgate recipes and Tuesday I am hosting our Foodie Extravaganza where we are celebrating all things mushroom.  Lots to look forward to.

Pan Roasted Pork Chops
Mushroom Bread Pudding
Steamed Green Beans

Meatless Monday
Tomato Sandwiches
Corn on the Cob

Tuesday-PPC Potluck
Red Potato Salad with Bacon and Blue Cheese

Chicken Saltimbocca
Spinach Pappardelle

Grilled Italian Chicken
Grilled Vegetables

Friday-Friends for Dinner
TBD- we are doing Volcanic Wines for #WinePW once I decide on the wine I will decide on the meal.


  1. A meeting with a real estate agent?? Is there a story to be told here? I know you will be glad to be home and for things to quiet down. I am worn out just reading about all your comings and goings. Your menu sounds yummy as usual!

    1. Not sure yet, Paula, if there is a story to be told. We want to see what the house is worth. We are thinking of downsizing. Frank has decided to retire so we are going to see what the future holds for us.


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