Saturday, April 11, 2015

Two more Sponsors for #BrunchWeek2015

Yesterday, I got two more packages from sponsors for #BrunchWeek2015,  These great products arrived from Bob's Red Mill and Woot Froot.

From Bob's Red Mill, we got this wonderful bag of Old Fashioned Rolled Oats.  I love Oatmeal.  I love it for breakfast with brown sugar and dried cherries.  I love it in a crumble sprinkled over fruit and baked to a crisp.  I love it in cookies and I found out not long ago that I love it in cheesecake.  I am very happy to receive this package from Bob's Red Mill.

The second package was from a company called Woot Froot.  Don't you just love that name!!
Woot Froot sent us 10 individual packages of fruit.  Five containing Grapes and 5 containing Slice Pears.  They were perfectly ripe and delicious.  They also sent these cool little bracelets, a notebook/dayplanner and a wonderful lunchbox.  When my kids were young I had to slice my own fruit to put in their lunches and sprinkle it with lemon juice so it wouldn't brown up on them.  These little packages would have saved me some time and the kids would have thought they were great.


  1. I wonder if they sell those little packages of fruit at the store. I'll have to look for them. Although I am sure they would be too expensive.


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