Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sharing my Siblings

Evidently yesterday was sibling day....I found out through facebook when my sister posted a photo of her and I and then one of her with each of our brothers. Then, this morning when I went on facebook I saw that my brother had posted this photo of all of us with Mom and Pops on their 70th Wedding Anniversary.  I have shared with you before how blessed I am to have such wonderful siblings.  This photo is of happier times.  Before Pop's cancer, when Mom's dementia was a once in a while visitor instead of a permanent guest and before my brother, Dan, gave into despair.

(l-r) Dan, Me, Gary, Dick, Dawn, Larry. Mom and Pops


  1. What a nice photo. I have never heard of siblings day myself until I saw it on Facebook. However for reason that I won't go into I am not going to mention it on my blog. You are so lucky to come from a family who all seem to have each other's backs!

    1. Yes, I just wish that Danny had known and felt that we had his back.


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