Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Still working on those Easter Leftovers....

Here are how conversations between Frank and I go in my household when I am having a party.....

F  -Do you think we have enough ham?
W  -Yes, we are also having kielbasa and prime rib.
F  -I know but there are going to be a lot of people here.
W  - Yes, but we are having soup, salad, 4 different kinds of vegetables, potatoes, bread and the Greens, Lents', Pyryts and Bendas are bringing dishes.
F  -This isn't a very big ham.
W  -I think it will be fine
F  -I would rather have too much than too little
W  -Fine, I will pull out another ham

Let me tell you folks......we have ham coming out of our ears.  We have had Ham and Eggs.  We have had Ham Sandwiches.  We have had Ham Slices and Leftover Cheesy Potatoes.  We have 2 ham bones in the freezer to be turned into soup.  Today, for lunch we had Ham Salad Sandwiches.  I am going to put out the rest of  that ham salad and crackers this evening as an appetizer when Nicki and Pierre come for dinner.  Then we are going to serve up leftover Spinach/Strawberry Salad, Beef Barley Soup and a Ham Tetrazzini Casserole.  I will be posting those recipes for you later this evening or tomorrow morning.  Any ham that is left after tonight's meal is going in the freezer and not seeing the light of day for at least a month because we are hammed out!!!

Ham Salad

1/2 lb baked ham
2/3 c. miracle whip or mayo
3 heaping T. sweet relish

Throw it all in the food processor and pulse to combine.  Serve with crackers or on bread as sandwiches. Print Recipe


  1. We had a 16-lb ham for THREE PEOPLE!! I too have ham coming out of my ears. I made ham croquettes the other day, ham salad is on the list, as is soup and of course lots of sandwiches, and maybe a quiche... eep!!!

    1. Just put together the casserole for tonight and the rest went into the freezer. It is always good to have protein ready to add to a quick casserole for dinners.

    2. I would of gladly taken a zip lock of ham home. lol. Loved the dialog above. you guys make me laugh. And next time Frank says he is afraid there wont be enough food, you will remind him of Easter

    3. I didn't even think of that sorry. I will remind him but it won't matter LOL


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