I think I have said before how very blessed I have been with the most wonderful people in my life but it bears repeating. I have contact with many of these people on an almost daily basis so, of course, they will make appearances here on my blog. What follows is a short bio on each so you will know to whom I am referring.

Life evolves and changes.  People leave our lives and new characters join in.  I started this blog in 2013. It is now January 2017 2019  2024.   My Mom, who was the impetus of this blog, has been gone for seven years now and her caregiver was gone a year before that.  Time to update this list.

Cast of Characters
(and they are characters!!)

Frank-My absolute best half without whom I would not be whole.  Frank retired from the police department.  He went right back to work as a labor representative for another 15 years.  He retired, again, for about 2 years before going back to work, part-time, representing police and government employees. A couple of years ago he retired completely and now I enjoy having him around to help me with photos and development of this blog.  Frank loves guns, scuba diving, and making me happy, all of at which he excels.

Amy and Doug -our eldest child and her wonderful husband. Her conception saved my life and gave me direction and she has been a guiding force ever since.  "Don't know what we would do without our Amy" is a common household expression.

Chuck-our eldest son lives in  Portsmouth, VA and works for the Naval Hospital.  We don't see him as often as we would like but he is a strong driving force in this family.

Anthony-our second son who lives locally and is working on building his dreams. He also is owner/operator of Tony's Sweet Eats.

Nicole and Pierre-our second daughter and her husband.  A hard working, fun loving couple of whom we are very proud.  They both work full time and have an artisanal bath and beauty product line called Petoskey and Pine which is more than a full time job.

Jessica, Julien and Melody- Jessica arrived as an exchange student when she was 15 years old.  She quickly became a daughter of our hearts and remained in our household until she became an adult and started a family of her own.  We were blessed with our granddaughter, Melody, (aka Angel Face) in 2014.  Julien joined the family about 5 years ago and is a wonderful Daddy to our Angel Face.

Marissa- came to live with us in August of 2018 and was legally adopted the following Spring.  She has grown into a lovely young lady of whom we couldn't be prouder.

Marina, Devin and Mia- Marina was the first of 5 exchange students.  We fell in love with her immediately. She was the impetus for each following exchange student.  Last year she came back to the USA where she lives nearby with her husband and daughter who on this blog is affectionately called Little Miss M.  I am thrilled to have another granddaughter that I can see regularly.

 Guest Appearances

Dawn-my sister, and the youngest of the six siblings.  We drive each other nuts, complain about each other constantly, and love each other without limits. 

Dick-my brother, 3rd of 4 boys who were my elders. He is closest to me in distance and in my heart. 

Jackie-Dick's wife and my sister.

Larry and Mary- My eldest brother and his angel of a wife who live in California.  They are far in distance and close in support and love.

John- a very important part of our family.  John was married to my dearest friend, sister of my heart, Kirsten, who passed away from COVID at the onset of the pandemic.  John continues to hold a place as a brother in my heart.


I enjoy getting comments and feedback from my audience. Please let me know what you think, keeping in mind that we are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. I am happy to hear yours as long as they are stated nicely.