Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Wine Wednesday with #L'Ecole Syrah

Here in the Midwest, when someone says come over for a bbq what they are really saying is come over and we will put meat on the grill, have some side dishes and perhaps eat outside if it is early enough and the mosquitos are not threatening to carry you away.


So when L'Ecole sent me two bottles of their 2018 Syrah and a tech sheet saying that it was the perfect wine for BBQ, that is where my mind went.

I am very pleased to have been chosen to be an ambassador for L'Ecole wines.  Each month they generously send me two bottles of wine.  One to open and taste with them during a zoom meeting with staff and winemaker.  This meeting is where we learn the background of each wine, how it was made, what they were striving for and how well said wine meets their expectations.  It is very interesting and I get to spend an hour with like minded bloggers who have become friends over the years.

The second bottle is meant for us to do a pairing and share our thoughts along with the information on the wine to our readers.  We get no monetary compensation and it is understood that everyone's palate is different which means all the articles will solely reflect the author's opinions and musings.

dinner plate with wine

I had grilled steaks on the menu for dinner one night.  I seasoned them and let them come to room temperature while I worked on some potato puffs and tossed together a salad to accompany them.  While the potatoes were boiling I went to the wine fridge and grabbed one of the bottles of L'Ecole Syrah.

Frank opened and poured the wine as I was working on turning my mashed potatoes into puffs.  He left a glass for me on the kitchen counter and took his glass and the steaks outside to grill.

I picked up my glass and gave it a swirl, a sniff and a sip.  Spice on the nose and fruit on the palate followed by hints of coffee and cinnamon.  This wine is mostly Syrah with a touch of Grenache and a dash of Mourvedre.  It is very food friendly and paired perfectly with my BBQ dinner but was just as enjoyable on it's own.  You can learn more about the wine and how to purchase at the L'Ecole Syrah page.

Unfortunately, I was unable to participate in the Zoom meeting this month as my husband had unscheduled surgery for a detached retina and we didn't get home from the hospital in time.  The good news is that they were able to fix the damage and expect 100% recovery.  On another good note....I still have the bottle that I would have sipped during chat so when he is able to imbibe again we can toast to his good health with this lucious wine.


  1. Happy to hear all went well with Frank. In our area we ask people to come for a bbq and it is grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks or chicken.

    1. Yep, you must be from my neck of the woods Cathy. Thanks for your well wishes for Frank.


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