Thursday, February 7, 2019

Let's get ready for the weekend and our Weekly Menu for next week.

Today is our daughter, Nicole's birthday.  We aren't going to be able to see her today but we will be catching up with her later in the month. They aren't available this weekend because they will be selling their wonderful Petoskey and Pine products at a local craft show.

But we will be planning a family dinner soon and I will let her choose all her favorite foods........

Dinner tomorrow has been changed to dinner out as we are going to meet up with Marissa's sister at a half way point so that they can spend time together.

Saturday night we are all going to a Chinese New Year party.  It features entertainment and a 10 course authentic meal.

Sunday, Frank and I are heading north to see our friends Bob and Cathy and to attend a wine pairing dinner.  I have shared past dinners with you here and here.  The food is always wonderful, the wines amazing and the time spent with friends is priceless.

Marissa and her brother will be staying at the house and taking care of the mutts.  They also will be meeting up with their sister again on Sunday. 

Tuesday, our friend Karen is joining us for dinner.  Thursday is Valentine's Day so I will cook something up for my loves.  Friday, Marissa leaves for a weekend retreat and I think I will have Frank take me out for dinner after we drop her off.

Our days will be filled with renovations, hopefully the bathroom will be finished up this week.

Here is the Weekly Menu....please stop by and see me during the week.....

Chinese New Year party

Wine Pairing Dinner at Springbrook Inn

Meatless Monday
Pappa al Pomodoro
Pasta with Wine Herb Sauce

Taco Tuesday
Navajo Tacos

Tossed Salad
White Rabbit Lasagna

Leftovers before Choir

Date Night

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