Monday, February 5, 2018

Britt Marie was Here; An Audible Book Review

I just finished listening to another novel by Fredrik Backman, the author of A Man Called Ove and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry.  This novel, Britt Marie was here, is the story of one of the characters that we met in the My Grandmother novel.

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Britt Marie is a middle aged woman who suffered great tragedy as a child when her sister was killed and her parents, unable to cope, became distant and lost to her as well.  She finds solace in the courtship of Kent, newly divorced, with two small children.

She and Kent get married and Britt Marie spends the next 40 years catering to everyone's needs but her own.  Britt Marie suffers from OCD and low self esteem.  She ignores the fact that her husband has a girlfriend and is often absent for long periods of time on "business" trips.  The children are grown and gone and Britt Marie becomes more and more reclusive finding solace in keeping lists and having her home perfectly clean and orderly at all times.

This novel begins when Britt Marie finds herself at an employment agency after having left her husband.  It seems that having the "other woman" contact you to let you know your husband is in the hospital having had a heart attack is the final and last straw.

This novel is the story of a woman finding herself after a long period of denying that she was worth seeking out and being valued.  It is written in Backman's typical dry humorous way and will make you laugh and make you cry.  Sometimes in the same paragraph.

It is expertly narrated by Joan Walker.  I have another novel in my queue by Backman as well and I anticipate it will be as enjoyable as the three I have read previously.

Britt Marie spends her life cooking, cleaning and caring for others. Her new job, in her new town is next to the local store/post office/coffee shop/pizzeria so there is plenty of food inspiration. Britt Marie, who has never cooked for herself, nor even orders food in a restaurant for herself (just in case Kent may still be hungry and want the rest of what she ordered) suddenly finds herself eating tacos.  Britt Marie didn't have any idea what tacos were and couldn't believe that she found the courage to try them.  

I was going to make a Taco Tuesday meal for you tomorrow and share it with this review but we are leaving for California on Wednesday and need to eat up leftovers tomorrow.

Even though I didn't make a recipe to share with you today, I am still sharing this review over at Foodies Read.   Stop by and see what the others are reading and being inspired to cook up.

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I have now started the Gauguin Connection by Estelle Ryan. This will keep me company on my flight.  I'll let you know what I think.


  1. Sounds like another good book! Have fun in California!

    1. Thanks Paula, now I'm listening to Beartown by the same author. Very different from the other 3 novels.

  2. I'm looking forward to reading that book, but will check out My Grandmother first, just to have things in some sort of order. Have a good trip!

    1. Britt Marie was first introduced in Grandmother but one novel is not linked to the other so it doesn't matter in which order you read them.


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