Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our First Land Excursion

We arrived on the wonderful island of Dominica after dark on Friday night.  It was a very loooonnnggg day.  We had gotten up to head to the airport at 3 am.  After 3 flights and an hour long bus ride through the mountains we were greeted with rum punch and a meeting with the hotel management where we were given our room assignments and invited to have a buffet dinner before turning in for the evening.

Saturday we had two morning dives.  The diving photos will be shared after we return home.  Frank is using the Go Pro and the program for it is on our PC at home.  We spent the rest of the day recuperating but did stay up long enough to see this beautiful sunset.

Sunday we enjoyed two more dives in the morning and then spent the afternoon on a whale watching excursion.  We didn't see any whales this time but we did have a whale of a good time.

Monday, again we enjoyed 2 morning dives and then we went on a land excursion to three different waterfalls.  Each one better than the last.

First stop was Spanny's Falls.  A short hike through the rainforest brought us to the lower falls on the bottom left.  To get to the upper falls you had to pull yourself up the mountain with the rope.  We chose to forego the upper falls.

Next stop, Jaco Falls.  I could've sworn our guide called these Hibiscus Falls but the sign says Jaco and I have been known to hear things wrong.  Jaco, Hibiscus....not even close LOL.

Our last stop was Emerald Pool.  A beautiful short hike to the falls and pool with lookout points over the Gulf side of the Island and the Atlantic side of the Island.  Just breathtaking.

Tonight we are going to Carnival and having street food for dinner.  Tomorrow is 2 dives in the morning, lunch on the beach and a third dive in the afternoon.  See you very soon.


  1. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. If you won't take me with you then at least I can live vicariously through these pictures and video! I really wanted to see you dance, Wendy!!

    1. I would love to take you with me one time Paula....and trust me...you don't want to see the video of me dancing....LMFAO

    2. LOL! I used to have to get pretty 'lit' to dance! Now I just feel to old!! (I love that the kids of today think they invented the word 'lit')

    3. I do okay slow dancing or line dancing but I feel and look awkward when I try to fast dance so I limit that to my time with Melody.

    4. Great Blog Wendy I must have missed this...


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