Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Weekly Menu and A Book Review

This debut novel by Emma Healey was one I picked up from Barnes and Noble for my nook when they offered it for a nominal cost.  It has been sitting on my virtual bookshelf for a while now but I had caught up on all my mandatory reading and all the books I had ordered that I wanted to read so I opened it up on Sunday when I was not feeling well and spending the day in bed.

Elizabeth Is Missing

I was transported to the other side of the pond where I met Maud, an elderly woman suffering from dementia and her daughter, Helen, who is her caregiver.  Those who know me will realize how deeply this story would impact me, having been a caregiver for my Mom who also suffered from this terrible disease.  It was a terribly hard story for me to read which is a testament to how well Ms. Healey captured the disease and manifested how it affects not only the person with the disease but all of the family and friends who deal with it as well.

Maud's disease keeps her travelling from the past to the present confusing people and event from here and now with those from her childhood.  This is a very real part of the disease.  For the last few years of my mother's life I was her sister.  When I would introduce her as my Mom, she would whisper to people that she was really my I was the one who was confused LOL.

Of course, my mom (as far as I know) did not have any terrible tragedies to mix up with everyday events as Maud does.  I think my mom had a pretty happy childhood and adulthood because even with this terrible disease she was always happy, laughing and loved to socialize.

I pretty much had this book figured out but it still held my attention and was worth reading in my opinion.  I think that it is a splendid first novel for this author and would read another of her novels if/when it is written.

On Monday I went to the docs and got some antibiotics but still spent most of the day in bed finishing this novel. Our dinner plans with Kim and Kurt were cancelled so we are going out this Monday instead.

Tonight we are meeting Amy and Doug for dinner after Mass.  The rest of the week is typical, Aunt Irene, Food Pantry, choir, a home party to attend.....oh yeah and packing!!!!  We leave in the wee early morning hours for our Dive Trip to Dominica.  A lot of people have been asking about Dominica so I have a video to share with you of our trip from 2008.

I cannot wait to go back.  There will be no Weekly Menu next week but I am sharing this week's with you below.  Stay tuned for recipes and photos.

Dinner out with Amy and Doug

Baked Pasta

Out with Kurt and Kim

Tenderloin Grillades
Cheesy Grits

Oven Baked BBQ Country Ribs
Roasted Potatoes and Carrots

Kielbasa and Broccoli Casserole


  1. The book sounds really intriguing. One that I would like I'm sure. Your menu sounds wonderful. It always does. And I am so jealous of your trip........


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