Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Year of the Rooster...Menu for our Chinese New Year Celebration.

Saturday is the onset of two weeks of celebration for the Chinese New Year.  Chinese New Year is a celebration of Spring and there are traditional, symbolic foods served during the celebration.  You can learn more about it at this website.  2017 is the year of the Rooster and you can read more about this at here.

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Return readers of this blog know that nearly 10 years ago we took in an exchange student from China and she has been with us ever since.  We used to take her out to a restaurant that had a huge Chinese New Year celebration each year but for some reason they stopped having their party.  I started having a party here each year instead.  My first party was in 2014 and was a great success. This was my menu that year.  In 2015, Chinese New Year fell on Ash Wednesday so we waited until the following Saturday for our celebration.  Last year, we combined our Chinese New Year celebration with our daughter, Nicole's birthday celebration and threw in a Valentine's celebration as well.  What a great celebration that was!!

This year, Chinese New Year falls on a Saturday so it is perfect for celebrating.  I invited all the kids but haven't heard back from Nicole or Anthony yet.  Saturdays are tough for them as they are both in the restaurant business.  So, while I am not sure yet who and how many are joining in the fun, I am planning the party.....first order of business?  The Menu......

The Year of the Rooster

Menu for Chinese New Year 2017

Shou Mian
(Chinese Egg Noodles in Broth)
denotes longevity

denotes wealth

Whole Roasted Fish
denotes prosperity
Kan Choi Siu Juk
 Chinese Celery with Pork
denotes hard work

Steamed Rice

Stir Fry Vegetables

Dongzhi Tang Yuan
(Sweet Rice Dumplings)
denotes family togetherness


  1. Now that sounds like an amazing menu! It will be a fun party!

    1. It always is Paula but this year Melody will understand what is going on which will make it much more fun.

  2. OK answered my question from my post,that is so awesome that you do this celebration for your 'family member" :-) I wish I was at your feast, it all sounds so good. I am attempting hand pulled noodles today for the first time, wish me luck lol.

    1. Good luck Evelyne. I am anxious to see how they turn out for you.


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