Friday, November 18, 2016

What's Happening in the Klik Household......

What a week this has been.  So much has been going on that I had to look back at my posts to see what I have shared with you.  The last update shared on the house was the Four Season Room but since then we have added a rug and some shelving to the room.  Now, it is complete except for new windows which will be replaced as soon as funds are available.

In other big news....We went shopping on Veteran's day and Frank took advantage of his discount from Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase 2 stools for the kitchen counter and an IRobot vacuuming system.  Guys...this vacuum is the bomb!!!!  It is very expensive and worth every single darn penny. There's an app for that!  You can set the IRobot to clean according to your schedule.  It starts itself up and systematically goes through your whole house, adjusting automatically to floor type.  When the battery is exhausted the IRobot takes itself home, recharges and then finishes where it left off. There is a little brush that goes around the baseboards and furniture legs to make sure the whole house is spotless.  I will take a video and share with you soon but I can't right now because......

Speaking of floors.....the installation has begun!!  So far all the flooring from the kitchen, hallway, utility room and dining area has been removed.  The wood flooring is in place in the dining area of the great room.  We chose a eucalyptus wood that is sustainable and durable.  Not to be biased or anything but....It is the most BEAUTIFUL floor I have ever seen!!!

I cannot wait for the tile to be completed and for the carpeting guys to arrive.  This should all be done by Monday and then the painters are coming on Tuesday to try to get at least the great room completed before Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. Our son, Chuck, who is stationed in Virginia is coming home for a couple of weeks.  I am very excited, not only because I miss him but also because he is bringing a new member of our family with him.  Yep, call us crazy but we have adopted another 4 legged daughter. Stay tuned for more information on that little bit of news!!  We're also excited because once the painters are done we move our bedroom furniture from the barn into the house.  Our furniture is HEAVY and big so Chuck will be a huge help.

I was going to share some Christmas projects that I had been working on but this post is getting rather lengthy so let's get right to the upcoming week and the Weekly Menu.

Chuck arrives home sometime Saturday evening so Sunday we are having a family Sunday Supper. Three of the five kids can attend.  Anthony had a previous commitment and Nicole has to work so we will work on getting together with them at a later date.

Monday I will be picking up Turkeys for the Thanksgiving Basket distribution for the Food Pantry and putting them into the cooler to start defrosting.  Distribution is on Wednesday.  In the evening, on Monday, we will be helping John and Kirsten unload a trailer.  They are heading to Alabama to be with Kirsie's mom and bringing back some of her furniture as she is moving to our neck of the woods.

Tuesday will be spent shopping for our Thanksgiving feast and Thursday we will share this feast with family and friends.

So, without further ado, here is the Weekly Menu.  Enjoy!!

Cornflake Breaded Pork Chops
Baked Potatoes

Sunday Supper
Spinach Salad
Prime Rib Roast
Loaded Stuffed Potatoes
Green Beans Almondine

Meatless Monday
Baked Mac and Cheese

French Dip Sandwiches (using leftover Prime Rib)

Beef Vegetable Soup (using Meaty Prime Rib Bones)

See large Menu

Leftovers, of course


  1. I can't even imagine a robot vacuum! Very Jetson like! I have a real life Robot here....his name is Darian! I would give my left arm for wood floors throughout my house but alas that will never happen! Beautiful!! Sounds like you are going to have a really busy Thanksgiving. I am glad Chuck is coming home. Put him to work!!

    1. I don't have to put Chuck to work...he puts himself to work, he is very OCD. Darian is much cuter than my robot LOL

  2. IZippi want's IRobot. And the floors are gorgeous. Great job!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Wendy. :o)


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