Friday, May 13, 2016

Life got a little crazy around here but it is still the Good Life!! Oh and the Weekly Menu as well.....

Happy Friday the 13th everyone.  Are you superstitious?  I am not.  Mom was born on Friday the 13th and was one of the luckiest people I knew.

Things got pretty crazy around here last week.  Crazy busy....but good crazy, if you know what I mean.  The kind of crazy where you are running around, getting a lot accomplished, spending a lot of time with people who are important to you and completely disregarding your planned schedule or weekly menu.  Yep. last week's menu mostly didn't happen.

On Meatless Monday, I invited John, Kirsten and their son, Christopher, who is home on leave from Japan over for dinner.  I decided to make Kabobs on the grill and a great new potato salad that I will be sharing with you as soon as I have a free blogging day LOL.  Anywhooooo, John and Kirs arrived sans Chris, who had gotten picked up by friends and take out for the night.  Imagine him wanting to spend time with his own friends instead of his parent's friends!  No understanding young people today LOL.  We had a great night of companionship and games.  Kirs and I were nice enough to let the guys win the rubber game.  We are just those kinda girls.....

Wednesday we attended Frank's retirement luncheon that the people from the office had for him.  On the way home we stopped and picked up the Princess to keep her for the night and had her all day Thursday until time for choir.  We spent the day running errands and doing chores and having our fingers grabbed by a little hand that tugged and said "let's go" we went....up the stairs, down the stairs, over to the toy box, out to the swing, over by the flowers, to the chicken coop, back to the get the idea.  I threw together a quick pasta dish dinner.
Tonight, our son Chuck's friend (and our adopted daughter) Camie is in town to see her folks.  Camie is in the navy too but no longer stationed with Chuck, she is now in Maryland but as luck would have it, her folks have moved to Michigan.  She is joining us for dinner tonight but advised me that she no longer eats meat so we are having a Meatless Friday since we didn't have a Meatless Monday dinner.

I also will be spending today making Mexican Fritters to distribute after Masses this week as it is the Feast of St. Isadore, the farmer.  St. Isadore in the Honduras is our sister parish and we are taking free will donations in exchange for the fritters to raise money to help the parish which is very poor.

The fritters I make for this weekend will be much smaller as I need to have enough to make about 300 servings to follow 2 of our Masses.  Another parishioner is making enough to serve after the other 4 Masses so I am not complaining.

Tomorrow Frank is holding a CPL class, so the Thursday Tacos are being moved to lunch for his students today.  I made a few extra fritters for them to enjoy for dessert.  Once I help Frank prepare for his class, I am meeting Ting at the Farmer's Market.  I am going to pick up my flowers and herbs and also grab the Angel Face because her Mom is going to do a park clean up for a couple of hours.

Sunday is a free day so I am hoping to spend it getting my flowers and herbs planted. 

Monday is my sister's birthday.  I hope to meet up with her for lunch before my Dr. appointment.  

Tuesday a group of us will be getting together in the morning to work on a Farewell Reception we are hosting for our Associate Pastor who has been reassigned.  Kim and Kurt will be joining us for dinner.  It feels like ages since we have had the opportunity to sit and visit with them.

Wednesday, I have food pantry so Frank will make dinner.  

Thursday is our niece, Danielle's, high school commmencement so we will all be going out to dinner after the ceremony.  

Friday, Amy is taking Ting and I our for pedicures and lunch as part of our Mother's day gift. That evening we are attending an appreciation dinner that the parish holds for all of the parishoners who volunteer their time and efforts throughout the year.

As you can see, our schedules show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Life is good here on the Farm and I hope life is good for you as well. 

Enjoy the weekly menu....see you tomorrow.

Friday (starting the menu with tonight as there is a change)

Saturday-Frank's CPL class
Muffins and Coffee for breakfast
Taco Bar and Mexican Fritters for lunch
Order in Pizza for dinner

Rice Pilaf

Meatless Monday


Frank in charge of dinner

Out for dinner following Danielle's commencements

Appreciation Dinner at church


  1. I am exhausted just reading all of this! But I know you love it!! Those fritters look delish!

    1. I do love it Paula but something had to give so now we are taking Camie out for dinner instead of cooking here LOL

  2. Wow - you are busy, busy, busy! Those fritters look amazing! I love that your schedule is free on Sunday so you will spend the day planting herbs and flowers! Whew - I'm tired just reading your schedule! :)

    1. Better busy than being bored I guess. LOL..hope you have a great weekend Vickie.


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