Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Menu for the Second Week of May

As I wrote that...the Second Week of May...I had to stop and pinch myself.  I cannot believe how fast time flies.  I don't know if it is just because I am older or because we are busy but the weeks seem to fly by!!

Speaking of busy....this week is a crazy one so there is not a huge menu for you but there is a menu none the less.

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Today we are going to a Wedding Shower Brunch followed by Pizza and a bonfire.  Sunday we are singing at 9 am Mass and then Amy is serving Brunch at her house.  Nicole and Anthony both have to work, Pierre is out of town displaying soaps at the Tulip Festival and Chuck is in Virginia but I will have Amy, Doug, Ting and our Little Miss celebrating Mother's Day with me.

Monday I have a meeting at church.  Tuesday we are going out to dinner with friends.  Thursday is choir.

Enjoy the menu that I have planned.  If I actually follow through with it there will be photos and recipes during the week.

Wedding Shower/Bonfire

Brunch at Amy's

Meatless Monday
Mushroom Pasta

Out with Friends



Fish Friday
Smoked Salmon Crepes


  1. A simple week of menus for a very, very busy lady! Happy Mother's Day Wendy!

    1. Happy Mother's Day Paula for a woman who stepped up to the plate twice in her lifetime. You deserve a very special day.

    2. Thank you Wendy. Nothing special! Just did what I had to...anyone would have!

    3. No, not anyone and not everyone...our system is filled with "thrown away" children who were not lucky enough to have a grandparents like you and Richard.

  2. Love fried chicken and giving it a kick of heat is a delicious way to enjoy it!


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